Some of the exploits of the pilots were awarded the title hero of the Soviet Union

History 05/02/20 some of the exploits of the pilots were awarded the title hero of the Soviet Union

When establishing the title hero of the Soviet Union in the regulations on the assignment it was said that the title awarded for outstanding deeds.

the First man is assigned the highest rank, there were seven pilots who saved the crew crushed in the ice of the steamer “Chelyuskin”. The eighth Hero of the Soviet Union also became the pilot Mikhail Gromov. The first pilots, as it is the highest rank for military merit, became eleven Soviet pilots who fought in Spain.

With the beginning of the great Patriotic war, when heroism has become widespread, all the awards were strictly regulated.

In 1941, the title of Hero of the Soviet Union fighter pilots were assigned for ten downed enemy aircraft. Since 1943 the planes increased to fifteen. The pilots of the bomber or reconnaissance aircraft to obtain the Gold star of the Hero had to make thirty-five sorties a day or twenty night.

the frog on attack planes and bombers had to personally shoot down eight enemy aircraft. And we should not think that it is very little — among the shooters of the Golden Star was only eighteen.

the Pilots of attack aircraft the title Character in 1941 could receive by ten combat missions. It would seem that among pilots stormtroopers only 1941 of these must be dozens, given that Il-2 by the winter of 1942 became the most popular aircraft of the red army. However, in 1941, only one pilot of attack aircraft Nicholas Karabalin received the highest award, making thirteen sorties until September 1941. Until April 1942, three more pilot of attack aircraft became heroes of the Soviet Union for sixteen, eighteen and twenty-one sortie. In 1942, for the rank of the Hero was necessary to make thirty sorties, but actually gave for 40-50. After 1943 it was necessary to fly to the job and return is not less than eighty times. Such changes is understandable. At the beginning of the war the German air force dominated the skies, stormtroopers were single to defend them from enemy fighters was just nothing, and their fighter cover could not provide. In 1943, all the storm troopers already had the arrows, protecting them from attacks from behind, the number of Soviet fighters had increased, and German has decreased, and the loss of the aircraft attack aircraft decreased significantly. During the war the pilots of the attack planes made up the majority of the Heroes in the air force, total awarded 860 people, but, of course, not only for the number of sorties.

the Approved rules did not provide that the title Character will be assigned automatically. Usually awarded a Gold Star not only for the totality of any action.

the First three pilots who received the title Hero from the very beginning of the war (order of 8 July), awarded for the air rams. It was the fighter pilots: Mikhail Zhukov, Sergey zdorovtsev Peter Kharitonov. Having rams of German bombers on June 28-29, they all survived. People who are far from aviation, confused RAM with a frontal attack and believe that the pilot who rammed enemy aircraft, necessarily dies, but it is not so. RAM usually involves the attacking enemy aircraft with a wing or cutting planes screw. This technique is deadly, but the RAM is sometimes possible to land your plane, and then continue to fight. It should be noted that the title of Hero is not assigned to all the pilots who shot down the enemy aircraft by ramming.

For the first night ramming in war the title of Hero was awarded to Victor Talalikhin, who defended Moscow in defense aviation.

There is also the concept of a “fire Taran” when the crew sent a plane to the enemy and thus destroying any object with your life. First this act was made by the crew under the command of Nikolai Gastello. Considered in the course of the war this feat was repeated about two hundred times. But the title of Hero was given not always, since not all such cases were validated.

One of the most famous pilots, was awarded the Gold Star of the Hero who was hit “only” eleven German planes Alexei Maresyev. Seven of the planes he shot down, already flying with prosthetics.

Twelve aircraft (eighteen) shot down by flying with prostheses on both legs, the pilot of naval aviation, Hero of Soviet Union Zakhar Sorokin. The title of Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded to Leonid Belousov also flown a fighter plane without both legs.

the fighter Pilot Boris Kovzan shot down twenty-eight German aircraft, and four RAM. After one of the rams he fell from a height of 6000 m is not fully opened parachute. The only fighter pilot in history who fought without one eye and shoot down enemy planes. Do I have to ask, for which he was awarded the gold star of the Hero?

Every achievement deserves a story, but this would require many volumes. Because the period of the great Patriotic war only in aviation hero of the Soviet Union was awarded 2271 person.

Cyril Shishkin

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