Some gunsmiths Western Tokarev and Makarov

Weapons 15/12/19 Have any gunsmiths Western Tokarev and Makarov “stole” TT and PM

as much As we used to perceive the most famous examples of Russian weapons is Russian, it often turns out that their creation had a hand in aliens. And put thoroughly. So there were a lot of well-known weapons – from pistols to a nuclear bomb.

the Pistols PM and a TT

the First Soviet semi-automatic handgun TT (Tula Tokarev) was developed in 1930 by F. V. Tokarev, and adopted three years later. The gun was great and replaced the outdated revolver and other revolvers produced by foreigners. But created your TT Tokarev from scratch. The prototype of the Soviet gun was the FN Model 1903 pistol designed back in 1902, John Browning, American weapons designers, who worked in Belgium. Consideration of the design of the “Colt-Browning” M1911 pistol. The result is a high quality and inexpensive weapons under German cartridges 7.62 mm. Many times the gun has been modified in service he remained until the 1960s, and then “serve” the Soviet militia, border guards, and remained on the backup storage.

In the army TT was gradually replaced by the PM (Makarov pistol) is a semi – automatic pistol 9 mm Makarov Invention adopted in 1951, and then he became the most famous Russian gun as the army and police weapon. TT by the time is a bit old, but the new gun had the advantage was smaller, and his bullet had more stopping power, but he also had a great reliability. For was based on the German Walther PP of 1929, has already gained popularity in the world. In fact, the Makarov design finalized “Walther PP”, improving and simplifying what could be improved with modern technology – the strength of parts, ease of maintenance, the fuse mechanism and other details. Eliminated Soviet gunsmith slight delay when firing characteristic of “Walter”. PM is also more durable and cheap. No wonder it was used in the Russian army and other countries after 1991.

“Mosinka” Kalashnikov

Inspired by foreign experiences and more serious Russian “guns.” For example, associated with the Soviet army during the Civil war and the great Patriotic war the Maxim machine gun was designed by British engineer Hiram Maxim, and Russia have produced it at the Tula arms factory under license. More original weapons became trilinear Mosin rifle 1891, “three-line” will serve Russia until the mid-20th century, Sergei Mosin at its creation was based on some constructive findings to the Austro-Hungarian Mannlicher gunsmith and 3-line rifle of the Belgian l Nagant.

But even “mosinka” does not compare to the glory and spreading across our planet with the good old AK. A legendary weapon was designed by M. T. Kalashnikov in 1947, and the Soviet army adopted already in 1949 the AK of different types and modifications has spread around the world, he is even depicted on the flags of the four States of the third world, and according to statistics, every 4th person on the planet there is one AK. Only in Russia more than 17 million And everywhere this machine is known as the it Russian weapons. But it was not spared the impact of the German arms. During the war, Soviet designers have carefully studied all the new weapons that were able to capture on the front. In 1943, they studied captured German machine MKb.42(H), and then its sequel – StG-44 (Sturmgewehr) Hugo Schmeisser. This first massive machine, which the Germans produced in the amount of 450 thousand units and became the prototype of the AK. He even resemble him in form. Kalashnikov took from him the use of intermediate caliber – change caliber (7.62 mm instead of 7.92 mm), said original stopper system, made a number of design changes (some borrowed from other Russian designKtorov) and – done! Automatic, largely “quoted” a good structural decision of German, American, British and Russian gunsmiths, came out great and was adopted.

the Soviet atomic bomb

the First Soviet atomic bomb (RDS-1) – of course, the achievement of Soviet nuclear physicists (I. Kurchatov, etc.). Even to copy something difficult. But mostly up and I had to do – after 1945, when the United States created and for the first time in history has used nuclear weapons, it was urgent to reduce the backlog. Soviet designers and scouts used the American experience to create the atomic bomb, adding to its trophy developments (like the Americans). So, Soviet physics went to Peenemunde (where the Germans produced the V-2), studied what made the Germans brought in the USSR tons of enriched uranium that has accelerated their own development. RDS-1 is very similar to the first atomic bomb Americans, both in form and in content, but also includes the Soviet findings: unique ballistic case and electronics. In 1949 the bomb was finally ready. At the Semipalatinsk test site was successfully tested, the Soviet Union possessed nuclear weapons. It happened three years earlier than expected by American experts. “Cold war” since then has become protracted – the two parties become too strong to attack each other.

Despite the fact that many samples of small arms and other weapons have foreign roots, Russian designers have always improved them so that they become the best weapon in its class at the world level.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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it is Possible more in detail about perekati rifle will Machinim the Revolver and a Mannlicher, and more about the Kalashnikov. Or are you just STUPID, which croaks a training manual from the liberal media, more stupid nonsense I have not read, do not disgrace and go hug an anchor, a relative of yours.

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Sergey, You are absolutely right. The author of the article or hypocritical lying loser or fucking ignorant. Spices for the author of this delusional opus— compare design shturmgevera and M16, that’s where almost a complete copy. And at the same time take an interest in who Hugo slyamzili( not invented) the idea and features of the shturmgevera

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