Heist-op-Den-Berg in The collection of items via sms text message to kankerpatiëntje Cars Need from Booischot (Heist-op-den-Berg), has its effect not missed. In spite of a technical failure to the operator, who still has not been resolved, and there were already some 60,000 text messages in. The parents are still around $ 20,000 for the necessary 182.000 euro will be removed. “I thought that everybody Links it would have with sending text messages. It’s really amazing,” said mom Annick.

In total, the parents of Mathis, a 17-month-old, 182.000 euros is required for a life-saving immunotherapy. A few weeks ago, it seemed like a ‘mission impossible’ – to-be. A campaign by Facebook paid, for the time being, for a nice and a 25,000 euro. This weekend, throw the parents In Need of and Annick Williams’s arm and joined them with the launch of an sms campaign is following in the footsteps of the parents of the Future. Results to date: over 60,000 text messages. “It’s amazing. We were blown away by the results,” said mama, Annick. “I thought about that after the Links everyone, it would have been with sms for a good cause, but nothing could be further from the truth. You really have no idea of how overwhelming it is. This is truly an amazing thing. We are all very grateful for your efforts.”