History 03/02/20 “Small victorious war”: how many days Hitler wanted war with the Soviet Union

Developed by strategists of the Third Reich the plan “Barbarossa” assumed the most rapid in world history, the seizure of vast territories. However, there is evidence that the original Adolf Hitler was going to fight in Russia for no more than a week. Is it so?

the conversation of the dictators

June 4, 1942, Hitler arrived on the Northern coast of the Gulf of Finland to personally congratulate the Marshal of Finland, Carl Gustaf Mannerheim on his 75th birthday. German führer understood that the Supreme commander of the Finnish army – a far more significant political figure than the official head of state Risto ryti. In a former tsarist officer Mannerheim Hitler probably saw himself close by spirit person – “the old campaigner” and a fighter against Bolshevism. That is why the Nazi chief suddenly open up with the Marshal. During a private conversation of Hitler with Mannerheim, a Finnish engineer secretly was audio, which until 2004 remained unknown to historians.

At the beginning of the conversation Hitler admitted that he underestimated the military potential of the Russians. The Fuhrer did not know that Stalin have 35 thousand tanks, and even if someone before the war, he said, would not believe. Mannerheim in reply said that the Bolsheviks spent their remaining “years of freedom” only to arm themselves. Speaking about the background of the Soviet-German conflict, Hitler paid much attention to Romania. For Germany, the oil fields of Ploiesti near the Romanian was of strategic importance as the sole source of liquid fuel in Europe. Therefore, when the führer faced “extortion” on the part of the Soviet Union in Romania, he decided to attack.

“If Russia took control of the Romanian oil fields, Germany would come to an end. With 60 Soviet divisions it was quite real. We didn’t have in RomanianAI no groups”, says Hitler on the record.

However, the most interesting in the conversation between Hitler and Mannerheim words that initially the Fuhrer was going to just “give Stalin’s hands” and allegedly not going to invade on the state borders of the USSR. The war was supposed to last only 5 days. However, fascinated by the success of military operations, Hitler “couldn’t stop”.

was operation Barbarossa “plan B”?

So, the machine of the Wehrmacht was deployed to the Eastern border in order to make a “small victorious war” with the rapid signing of a peace Treaty?

First of all, it should be noted that in the Finnish version of a record that is in the public domain, the words “five days” no – they mention only a few sources. It is possible that the Fuhrer in the heat of the conversation, simply talking, or his words were misinterpreted. Perhaps Hitler said to Mannerheim, not “five days,” and five months, during which time he hoped to complete the operation “Barbarossa”. Indeed, the projects for the invasion “to the original borders of the USSR” historians are unknown. Meanwhile, the plan “Barbarossa” appeared in 1940, and already in his first versions he expected a lightning strikes into the Soviet Union and the occupation of the territory up to the Volga. In March 1941 at a meeting with his generals, the führer spoke about the alleged establishment of German protectorates in Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic States and the devolution of Finland across Northern Russia.

the onset of the Nazi hordes in the June days of 1941 cannot be explained by simple “inertia”. 5 days after the beginning of the war, the Germans took Minsk and it was the ancestral territory of the Byelorussian SSR.

Carl Gustaf Mannerheim, who wrote after the war a memoir, almost nothing to say about the causes of the Soviet-German conflict, and just justify the “forced” entry into the war of their own country. However, the Finnish Marshal mentioned that at the beginning of October 1941, intoxicated by successmi their warriors, Adolf Hitler thought Soviet Russia was defeated.

“the more optimism and confidence in victory, the harder it is disaster for someone who already considered the difficulties overcome, and the enemy overwhelmed” – wisely said on this occasion Mannerheim.

Timur Sagdiyev

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