Sky today launched its first TV with integrated streaming services. Customers won’t require a satellite dish or box in order to view its content.

The Ultra HD TV is available in three sizes and five colours.

Sky Glass is a new name for the product and will be available at a price of PS39/month in the UK when it launches on October 18.

This is a significant shift in television’s world, as the British broadcaster abandons the satellite dishes that had dominated its service for many decades.

Instead, the 4K Ultra HD Quantum Dot television can be used over Wi-Fi and will work with Sky Inside, Sky boss Dana Strong stated at the London launch.

Customers can also use the smart TV to talk to it in the same way as Google Assistant and Alexa, asking for specific shows or films.

This is similar to how Sky Q’s voice remote works, but Sky Glass allows you to control volume, turn on the TV and connect to devices like an Xbox console.

It will be redesigned with content from Sky, BBC iPlayer and All4, as well as Disney+, ITV Hub and Spotify.

Customers can also create a personal playlist of their favorite shows and films by pressing a button on the remote. A live’restart function allows viewers to rewind or start over if they are unable to see it.

This product aims to simplify the way people watch TV. It integrates hardware, software, and content into one device. Customers don’t have to buy Sky TV with a dish and a box.

It also allows some homes, which are not eligible for satellite dishes, such as listed properties or properties subject to short-term rental agreements, access to Sky.

Sky Glass is available in three sizes: small 43″, medium 55″, and large 65″. There are also five colors available: ocean blue (or ceramic white), racing green, dusky rose, and anthracite noir.

The TV will come with a mounting bracket or a matching colour stand. Additionally, the product features 360-degree Dolby Atmos sound through its integrated speakers and sub-woofer.

Strong, Sky’s chief executive, stated that Sky Glass is the streaming television with Sky inside. It provides the complete integration of hardware and software.

“This TV is the result of over 30 years’ experience in understanding our customers’ needs. Sky can only make it. This TV is smarter than any other and we are confident that our customers will love it.

Sky claims its new TV is the first to be certified carbon neutral. It uses a single power cable, and has low-power features that make it more efficient.