Skater Uskov won the race at 1500 meters at the world Cup in calgary

Russian skater Denis yuskov became the winner of the race at 1,500 meters on the world Cup stage in the canadian city of calgary. Three-time world champion overcame the distance in one minute 43,234 seconds.

Second place went to Chinese Junyang NIN (+0.02 seconds), closed the three leaders of the American sportsman joy Mantia (+0,50). Another Russian Sergey Trofimov (+1,24) became the fifth, and Daniel Belyaev (+2,70) – the 19th.

Russia’s Olga Fatkulina took second place in the race at 1000 meters, her compatriot Ekaterina Shikhova was third, and was the first Japanese Nao Kodaira. In the race for 3000 meters bronze medals were won by Russian athlete Natalia Voronina.