Skater Pavel Kulizhnikov became world champion in the sprint

In salt lake city continues the world championship on skating sports on separate distances. On the second day of competitions the Russian team won four medals. Men at a distance of 500 m gold was won by Pavel Kulizhnikov with the second best result in history.

Kulizhnikov showed time 33,727 sec. that is only slightly below his own world record (33,61). Second in this race was another Russian Ruslan Murashov, the third place was occupied by Japanese Tatsuya Sinema, and our Victor Mushtukov behind him by thousandths of a second.

the women on the same course the best is the Japanese Nao Kodaira with result 36,691 sec. Russian women angelina Golikov and Olga Fatkulina took second and third places on the podium with personal records. Another one of our athlete Darya Kachanova and also with a personal best in 10th place.

the world Champion at the distance of 10 km was canadian Graham fish. He set a world record of 12 minutes 33,867 sec. In the women’s team pursuit first three places went to teams from Japan, the Netherlands and Canada, and the Russian team took 4-th line of the Protocol.