SKA continues to pursue his Moscow team-mates in the regular championship of the Continental hockey League. After all of the movement in Minsk, the local Dynamo (4:1), CSKA St. Petersburg defeated on home ice “Admiral” – 6:0.

the Intrigue in the game remained until the beginning of the third period. In the first half the score was opened by Marchenko, and at 9-th minute of the second Kuzmenko’s doubled. But the advantage to two goals gave SKA tranquility. But in the third 20-minute the army decided once and for all: Anton Burdasov, Lehtera, Kemppainen and Tkachev spent another four years in the gates of the far East.

SKA scored 87 points behind their Metropolitan counterparts on 3 tournament points. Both army teams can be in the rear of Kazan “AK Bars”, which as SKA has 87 points, but have played two matches less than the teams from Moscow and St. Petersburg and has the potential to surpass them in the table.