26.07.2022, Brandenburg, Falkenberg: Rauch steigt in einem Wald im Landkreis Elbe-Elster vom Boden auf. Foto: Sebastian Willnow/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The situation in the forest fire area in the Elbe-Elster district has eased for the time being. As a spokesman for the Lusatian fire brigade said on Tuesday morning, no further fires broke out.

Gradually, a conclusion is to be expected rather than a renewed flare-up, but one cannot make reliable forecasts due to the persistently dynamic situation, according to the spokesman.

The district had transferred the management of the fight against the major fire to the community of Liebenwerda on Monday and thus lifted the so-called major damage situation. The external fire protection units are no longer on site and the guarding of the fire area is now the responsibility of emergency services from the Elbe-Elster district, according to the fire department spokesman.

The fire broke out a week ago and quickly covered an area of ​​around 800 hectares.

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The fire brigade quickly got a forest fire in Großräschen (Oberspreewald-Lausitz district) east of the Elbe-Elster district under control on Monday evening. A fire of about 1500 square meters had burned, as the fire department spokesman said. After two hours, the extinguishing work was therefore completed.

The risk of forest fires could increase again as early as Wednesday. Then the next hot period in Brandenburg will probably begin. The German weather service expects temperatures of well over 30 degrees.