Singer Valentina Legkostupova found in Moscow with a broken head

the Singer Valentina Legkostupova, singer of the hit “Berry-raspberry” found in Moscow with a broken head. It is reported by telegram channel Mash. According to the publication, the singer is still conscious in the apartment discovered daughter. On the woman’s body had bruises, there was her husband, Yuri Firsov.

Valentina’s Daughter Legkostupova called an ambulance, both were taken to a drug treatment clinic, where Firsov escaped.

Now she is in a coma, she has brain swelling. Doctors estimate her condition as extremely serious.

Valentina Legkostupova — Soviet and Russian singer, teacher and producer. Honored artist of the Russian Federation. The most popular song in her performance — of course, “Berry-raspberry” (music by V. Dobrynin, words by M. Plackowska), which was first shown on Central television in the new year “Blue light” January 1, 1987. In the end, the song reached the final of the festival “Song of the year”.