Celebrities, and He may be best known as the younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, is currently all the attention is fully on Aaron’s focus. The reason for this? The singer admitted in an interview that he was a schizophrenia sufferer, bi-polar and manic depressive, and suffer from acute anxiety attacks.

Aaron is – which is “I want Candy” and “Aaron’s Party”, is in the public muziekgeheugen, the nillies is engraved made this remarkable confession to American talk show ‘The Doctors’. Therein, says Carter, is not only candid about the various diagnoses that he had made, and he is showing to the public of the program and how much medication is daily to take. Among other things, the tranquilizer Xanax, angstremmer Hydroxyzine and Omeprazole (a drug for stomach upset, to fight for Aaron’s hard prick. “This is not my reality,” says the singer. “And I will no longer hide from it.”

All of this is not only a remarkable confession from an interview. For example, the star also admitted that he was for a while addicted to drugs, and after his his teeth, had to work. “I was, indeed, used drugs to make the pain numb. I’ve had six crowns and that was quite a lot.”

a Problematic past,

praise for Aaron that he has his own problems to the table, it all came out of his confession does not come as a surprise. Since he is in his career, it is mr. Carter, after all, is being plagued by a demon. Thus, he earned for the eighteenth, though only about 180 million euros, but he managed to find that at least 24 all of verbrassen. In 2013, he gave in to the fact that he broke was, and is, more than three-million euro worth of debt it had. Two years earlier, he had also been in a couple of weeks in a rehab clinic, where he was in march of 2017 for a second time, went to a drug to deal with it. Aaron told me at that time that he suffered from a severe eating disorder. “I’ve had fillers in my face, because I’m so thin, and down to the point, and the criticisms are so tired, ben,” said he. Thereafter, it remained relatively quiet around the singer, but for the past few months, there were again a lot of doubts on his behaviour.

at the Beginning of August, the police are called to intervene. Some of the family of Aaron, made was concerned about his mental health and feared he was a suicide, wanted to commit. All of it was there, according to friends of the singer, didn’t care. “On a scale of 1-10 I guess my mental stability is unfathomable,” said Aaron, a little later. “I know what it’s like to be in the dumps. I am a four-time bankrupt has been, I have my sister to be lost, and I have to mentally through a lot… And now I feel better.”

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