Sigismund Levanevsky: the mystery of the missing Stalin's pet

History 21/02/20 Sigismund Levanevsky: the mystery of the missing Stalin’s pet

the Soviet pilot Sigismund Levanevsky was considered a pet by Stalin himself. It Levanevskogo a few years before Chkalov tried to make a flight over the North pole from USSR to USA. 12 Aug 1937, Levanevsky with the crew, flew from Moscow and headed to Alaska. The next day, communication with the aircraft was lost forever.


Sigizmund Aleksandrovich Levanevsky was born in 1902 in the Russian Empire in Saint Petersburg. After serving in the army Levanevskogo decided to continue her education and chose one of the leading universities of those years – the Sevastopol school of naval aviation.

Shortly after the end of the aforementioned school Sigismund Aleksandrovich was employed in the Main administration of the Northern sea route – a specially created organization, one of the main purposes of which was the development of the Arctic.

a year later Levanevsky was awarded the title “hero of the Soviet Union” for rescuing people from the infamous ship “Chelyuskin”.

the Disappearance

it Should be noted that Levanevsky in 1935 attempted a flight without landing from the Soviet Union in the United States, specifically from Moscow via the North pole to San Francisco. However, if the pilot failed. Due to the leakage of the oil in the ANT-25 Levanevskogo remained nothing how to get back.

In 1937, “Stalin’s pet” got a new task: it was necessary to make a flight to the city of Fairbanks, Alaska. This time Levanevsky with the crew of 5 persons went on the bomber DB-A. the model aircraft was not yet fully tested, but apparently, no this fact did not bother.

on the Evening of August 12, 1937, DB-A rose in the air. Exactly day relationship with bomber is broken forever.


Judging by the radio messages, the North pole of the DB-AND to overcome the still managed. However, SRAthe memory thereafter, the crew began to arrive quite alarming messages about unimportant weather data and about the poor visibility, and after an hour the failure of one of the 4 engines. And all.

According to unconfirmed reports, after 1.5 hours after Levanevsky reported engine failure, one of the Yakut ham radio received another signal, say, we are all fine, but audibility is bad. Maybe that’s why some thought the plane could make a successful emergency landing, and for some time the pilots were alive, waiting for help.

the Bomber Levanevsky was looking for a year, looking in the Soviet Union and sought in America. But the plane sunk into the water. Perhaps, it was not found because he was just off course. However, there is a version according to which Levanevskogo, being a pole by nationality, was apprehensive of repression, and therefore simply remained in the United States.

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