Should You Report Someone for Recording Sex Without Consent?


I recently had an unsettling experience while on a date with someone who recorded me without my consent during sex. Although I felt dehumanized and violated, I chose not to report the incident to the police. Instead, I confronted the person, made it clear that their actions were unacceptable, and decided not to press charges. My friends, however, believe I should report the incident to prevent the person from doing it to others in the future.

In situations like these, there is a distinction between agent-neutral reasons and agent-relative reasons. Agent-neutral reasons are general and apply to everyone, while agent-relative reasons are specific to the individual. In this case, my friends are urging me to report the incident based on agent-neutral reasons – they believe it is the right thing to do for the greater good. However, I am considering my agent-relative reasons, such as the emotional toll and potential negative impact on my life that reporting could have.

While I understand the desire for justice and the importance of holding people accountable for their actions, I also believe in giving the person the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to learn from their mistake. My decision not to report the incident does not mean I condone the behavior, but rather that I am choosing to prioritize my own well-being and mental health.

In the end, the choice of whether or not to report someone for recording sex without consent is a personal one. It is important to consider both the broader implications and the individual circumstances when making this decision. It is crucial to weigh the potential benefits of reporting against the possible consequences for your own well-being and peace of mind.