She refused: the Ministry of health responded to the complaint of the Siberian, whose 34-year-old daughter died of coronavirus

the Ministry of health of the Novosibirsk region will carry out an inspection after the publication of the NHS that dead from coronavirus 34-year-old Siberian girl was hospitalized late. Version mother, diseased woman twice called an ambulance, but she refused to do a CT scan and a test for coronavirus infection, and also said that for hospitalization for no reason. The health Ministry said that it is not so.

— According to the clinic, ambulance and hospital were provided by the regional Ministry in the direction of hospitalization, the patient received 16 may, after the therapist diagnosed her with pneumonia. On the same day the patient visited the specialized infectious disease ambulance to transport her to the hospital. However, the woman refused admission and turned to their own emergency departments only may 18 — responded to a formal request of NGS in the Ministry of health of the Novosibirsk region.