Sevir Bogdanov: the fate of the Russian founder of the American

Another 20/01/20 sevir Bogdanov: the fate of the Russian founder of the American “space Shuttle”

At home his name is Severus explained. In America he became the Paul Lawrence and one of the developers of manned spacecraft reusable “Shuttle.”
Before becoming a scientist in America, this man has come a long way from the Russian heartland through German captivity and migration.

Born and studied Severus in the provincial town of Toropets. His childhood fell on the Great Patriotic war. When the city consisted of Germans, Severus and his mother deported to work in Germany. Later he never spoke about this period of his life. But we can guess that it was a hard time. Mother, unable to withstand such trials, has died.

the Territory where Severus was liberated by American troops. The soldiers advised the 14-year-old not to return home, convincing that there awaits him another prisoner and another prison. Severus listened to other liberated left for the United States. There he changed his name and became Paul Lawrence.

the Young man was lucky, his talent was noticed and he received an excellent education. When in 1959 he formed a new structure – NASA, young professional took a job there. Paul Lawrence has been very promising aeronautical engineer, specialist in metallography. Of course, he wasn’t the sole designer and inventor of the legendary spaceship “Shuttle”. But he is in the team with the strongest engineers have developed the most durable alloy for the shell “space Shuttle”.

the Catastrophe of “Challenger”

Being a highly qualified specialist, sevir in time to anticipate a possible tragedy when you launch the famous ship “Challenger”. He tried to convince the user that applied the metal will not withstand the load. He did not listen. In January 1986, 73 seconds into the flight the Challenger literally collapsed into the eyes of the world in the air. Killed seven members of ekipaja. After the tragedy sevir – Paul became very popular with the American media, as people prediksi crash. However, he took the incident as a personal tragedy, and left the Corporation.
the Rest of his life he spent in obscurity. But the closer they become old age, the more he felt a longing for the Russian land, which he had left against their will many years ago. This is evidenced by the fact that one day he suddenly sent a letter in Toropets, in his school: “I am no longer a young man. And I have a big dream: to come and sit at the Desk in your school”. The letter said a local journalist Galina Carnical.

They are very long corresponded, and at some point sevir – Paul invited her to America. She flew just to visit, and stayed there for ten years, becoming the wife of Russian American.

In her memoirs Galina Carnical would later write: “He wanted to go back to Toropets. Said, “Come in Toropets, will kneel, kiss the earth.”
In the last years of his life Severus Bogdanov was seriously ill. He constantly asked me to take him to Russia, but the doctors said that he would not survive long trips. To return alive he never had. Russian inventor of U.S. missiles died in the fall of 2009. His dearest wish fulfilled wife Galina Cervical. She brought the ashes of her husband in Toropets, where it was buried in ascension cemetery.
ironically in the same city, in the same school and the other talented boy Yuri Semyonov, four years younger, Severus. Now no one remembers, the boys were familiar or not. Of Severus’s mom drove in Germany, Yuri’s family was evacuated to the Urals. Many years later, Yuri Semyonov, will become President and General designer of rocket-space Corporation “Energy” named after S. P. Korolev, the chief designer of Russian space Shuttle “Buran”.

that was a coincidence. It turns out that two of the most powerful spaceship-competitor, “Shuttle” and “Buran” was launched from one point, a provincial Russian town.

Marina Gavrichenkov

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