Contrary to initial assumptions, the discovery of a severed human head in front of the Bonn district court could not be based on a homicide. The head belongs to a man who died of natural causes. This was the result of the forensic examination of the 44-year-old’s body, the Bonn police said on Wednesday.

The rest of the dead body was also discovered on Tuesday a good kilometer away near the banks of the Rhine in Bonn on the edge of a park.

A 38-year-old suspect, who the police had arrested in the immediate vicinity of the district court, gave the clue to the location. An arrest warrant was issued for the man on Wednesday, police said. He is accused of disturbing the peace of the dead. According to police, the man has not yet testified about the allegations.

A police spokesman said in the evening in Bonn that passers-by had alerted the police early on Tuesday evening that a body part was lying in the entrance area of ​​the court. “We found out a short time later that it was a human head.”

The dead man was therefore a 44-year-old man.

So far, the suspect has remained silent about the background, said the spokesman. However, he correctly described the location of the body near the banks of the Rhine to the investigators.

The Bonn Regional Court, in front of whose main portal the severed head was discovered, was open again on Wednesday. Business operations are proceeding normally, said a court spokeswoman. When the head was discovered early Tuesday night, the downtown courthouse was already closed to the public. The doors of the column-decorated main portal were also closed. The forensics team had hung up a dark tarpaulin in the entrance area. On Wednesday there was nothing more to see.