Shots were fired in a shopping center in Copenhagen on Sunday. Several people were hit, the police said in the short message service Twitter.

After a shot was fired in a Copenhagen shopping center, the police arrested a man. No further information could be given at the moment, the police tweeted in the Danish capital on Sunday evening. It was initially unclear how many people were injured and whether there were any deaths.

The police were in action with a large contingent. Fields is a large shopping center in the relatively new district of Ørestad in the south of Copenhagen, between the center of the Danish capital and the airport.

The large multi-purpose hall Royal Arena is also nearby. A sold-out concert by British singer Harry Styles was planned there on Sunday.

“We are on site, shots were fired and several people were hit,” the police said. Those who are still in the building should wait for the police to arrive. All other people should stay away from the area.