Fußball: 1. Bundesliga, Saison 2022/2023, 3. Spieltag, VfL Bochum - FC Bayern München am 21.08.2022 im Vonovia Ruhrstadion in Bochum Nordrhein-Westfalen. Tor zum 0:1, Bayern s Leroy Sane Bochum s Manuel Riemann Remote, Hintertor, Hinterleger, Feature, Allgemein, DFL REGULATIONS PROHIBIT ANY USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS AS IMAGE SEQUENCES AND/OR QUASI-VIDEO. *** Soccer 1 Bundesliga, season 2022 2023, 3 matchday, VfL Bochum FC Bayern Munich on 21 08 2022 at Vonovia Ruhrstadion in Bochum North Rhine Westphalia goal to 0 1, Bayern s Leroy Sane Bochum s Manuel Riemann Remote, back goal, backer, Feature, General, DFL REGULATES PROHIBIT ANY USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS AS IMAGE SEQUENCES AND OR QUASI VIDEO Copyright: xNeundorf/Kirchner-Mediax

The Bayern stars ticked off the next impressive game-fun idea routinely. Julian Nagelsmann’s players celebrated the seven goals on Sunday at VfL Bochum, who suffered their heaviest home defeat, with short handshakes on the pitch – the competitors in the Bundesliga should tremble! While the supposedly worst challenger Borussia Dortmund blundered for the first time against Werder Bremen on Saturday, Bayern are the only team with the maximum haul of nine points at the top after three games. The goal record of now 14 means the best start of a team in Bundesliga history

Sadio Mané (42nd/60th, hand penalty) increased in a highly one-sided game. Significantly, the sixth goal came from an own goal by Cristian Gamboa (69′). Substitute Serge Gnabry (77th) was also allowed to celebrate.

Right from the start, the injured or rested Alphonso Davies (muscle hardening), Jamal Musiala (strain) and the later goalscorer Gnabry, who came from the bench this time, were well represented. On the offensive, Sané, who came from the youth club SG Wattenscheid in Bochum, caused considerable problems for the VfL pros with his speed. Bochum’s keeper Riemann didn’t look good even during the early lead with a wonderful Sané shot into the top left corner of the goal.

Of course, the spokesman in the VfL team made an even bigger faux pas when he conceded a second goal from 67 million euro access De Ligt when he underwent a corner kick from Joshua Kimmich.

De Ligt, who came from Juventus Turin, started for the first time this season and also ensured stability in defense against Bochum, who were completely harmless. For the first time this season, Coman was in the team after his suspension from last season and made the early decision. His goal was also preceded by a serious individual error by Gamboa. Bayern access Mané was also several classes too good for Bochum. With his brace, the former Liverpool professional made the debacle for VfL perfect early on.

Nothing was left of the February spirit when Bayern suffered a bitter 4-2 defeat in Bochum. After the third defeat in the third game of the season and 3:12 goals, the team of coach Thomas Reis travels to SC Freiburg on Friday as the bottom of the table. Hardly any player reached Bundesliga level on Sunday. In the second year after returning to the first division, VfL seems to be facing a very difficult season.