Sergey Serov: that Beria had put his mistress's husband

History 09/01/20 Sergei Serov: that Beria had put the husband of his mistress

Until, as his wife liked to Lavrenti Beria, the life of Sergei Schirova developed quite successfully. During the great Patriotic war he rose to the rank of Colonel, and was even awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and deservedly so. However, after the victory the pilot was sent to the GULAG, stripped of all awards and died in a mental hospital.

the Pilot a Hero and Marshal Tito

Shortly before the beginning of the great Patriotic war Sergey Serov graduated from the aviation school. It is not surprising that at the front Shirov distinguished as an exceptional pilot ACE. It is worth noting that in 1942 the captain Shirow was listed in the fighter wing instructor pilot technique. In this post, as rightly observes Oleg Smyslov in his book “Love all the titles of a submissive”, Shirow does not have was daily risking his life. However, to stay on the sidelines while his comrades fought, Sergey simply could not.

during all the war years Sergei Serov made more than 340 missions and personally shot down 18 enemy aircraft. The achievements of the pilot have not gone unnoticed by the government.In 1942 Serov was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. It Sirovo, according to Vyacheslav Zvyagintsev, author of “the Tribunal “Stalin’s falcons” were instructed to transport the notorious Yugoslav Marshal Tito on one of the allied bases. In General, the home Shirov returned not only alive, but also a respected member of society and besides, and a family man.

Wife – mistress Beria

In 1944, Sergei Serov married very showy native of the Moscow — Sofia Iosifovna wolska. At least, that such passport data of the future mistress of Beria brings to the pages of his book “the Burden of power” Yuri Feofanov. However, according to some information, then Volsky has already been snacoma with the all-powerful Commissar. Like it or not, but after the couple returned to the capital, Volskaya began to disappear from the house in the evenings: the time she spent in the company of Lavrenty Pavlovich. If you believe Feofanov, in an intimate relationship with Beria, the wife of the Hero of the Soviet Union came not voluntary.

Reached that handy Beria came for Wolski straight home, not paying any attention to her legal husband. It is clear that combat pilot Shirov was not going to tolerate this. I understand this and Beriah, and therefore sent a “rival” away from the capital in Uzbekistan, appointing him chief of the local club. There, away from his wife, Shirov became interested in another woman. However, the idea that one day it still will eliminate, as unnecessary witness, never left him.

Trying to cross the border and conclusion

oddly, that thought brought Sergey Schirova to the arrest. Writes Benjamin Polemicos in his book “Repressed literary men,” in 1949 Shirov really were in the Vorkuta camps. The fact that on April 7 of that year, the pilot was detained while attempting to cross the Soviet border. Hero accused of treason, espionage and counter-revolutionary activities and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. However, Vyacheslav Zvyagintsev is confident that this testimony of Schirova simply knocked out under torture. And impulsiveness and superficiality of his actions only indicates that he went on the offense in a state of extreme emotional excitation.

whatever it was, in 1950, Sergei Shirov was deprived of the Heroic titles and all awards and medals, and a few months later, he received another 25-year sentence for the preparation of an armed uprising. However, no trial Mirovym was not. Meanwhile, as recalled by playwright Valery Frid in his book “Solar plexus”, Sergey didn’t really let up in the camp, constantly asking the members of the Commission from time to time nahodyaschyhsya in the GULAG, not hanged or even Beria. That’s why the most part of the conclusion Shirov held in Bure (hut enhanced content).

Requirements rehabilitation and death in psychiatric hospital

Only in the summer of 1953, when Khrushchev raised the question of removal of Lavrenty Beria from all posts for Sergei Schirova, a glimmer of hope. After 1954, the country’s Prosecutor General Roman Rudenko signed protests concerning the conclusion Schirova, anti-Soviet sentiment which “was associated exclusively with the fact that Beria had destroyed his family life,” the former Hero was released. He left home in the Ukrainian village Akimovka. There, according to Yuri Feofanova, Shirou some time he worked as a photographer.

However, the past never left Schirova alone: he demanded not only their rehabilitation, but punishment surviving perpetrators in his life officials, including employees of the Gulag. That’s just rehabilitated Sergey was posthumously, in 1988. Vyacheslav Zvyagintsev, the author of the book “the Tribunal for heroes” writes that the Hero of the Soviet Union Sergei Serov died in 1956 in a mental hospital.

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