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Heroes 30/12/19 Semyon Nomokonov: most accurate “shaman” of the great Patriotic

any sniper has its secrets. But if only official data confirmed that during the great Patriotic and Soviet-Japanese wars one shot destroyed the 368 soldiers and officers? That’s the number of enemies has chalked up a sniper nicknamed “taiga shaman” – Semyon Nomokonov. Many of the methods of the legendary hunter from Transbaikalia impressed even experienced fighters.

Who is he?

This man never dreamed of fame. Small, thin, very ordinary. Lived traditional fishing, hunting in the forest. And when not in season – worked as a carpenter. Father of many children, illiterate and poorly speaking in Russian. The representative of the indigenous peoples of Transbaikalia.

this man had published many articles, publicist Sergey Zarubin wrote a documentary novel “the Tube sniper” (Irkutsk, 1980), his story formed the basis of the collective image of the protagonist of the series “Sniper 2. Tungus” (directed by Oleg Fesenko, 2012). Memory Seeds Danilovich dedicate bullet shooting competition, it puts on plays. And his famous sniper rifle No. 24638 kept in the Museum of the Siberian military district.

One of the war correspondents, talked with S. D. by Nomokonova, was a journalist Evgeny Vorobyov. His article is also called “the Tube sniper”, was published in the second volume of the collection “From the Soviet information… of 1941-1945. Journalism and essays of the war years”. In April 1945, the correspondent wrote that the account of killed enemies marksman led to his Smoking pipe, which never left, noting points of killed soldiers and x’s officers.

Legendary warrior

the next sniper nine years of age began to learn the tricks of hunting from his father. All men of the village Delyun Shilkinskaya district of the Zabaikalsk edge went into the forest to produce wild boar, elk and bear. At home the people had heard about accuracy S. D. Nomokonov, already in his early years he was given his first nickname “the vulture’s Eye”.

Semyon Danilovich was called to the front two months after the start of world war II, then he had turned 41 years old. The military command did not immediately saw in it an excellent sniper and soldier. Indeed, according to the physical data S. D. Nomokonov markedly inferior to his coworkers, and his strengths – vigilance, prudence, iron will and endurance – emerged only in the course of the fighting.

the Frightened Germans gave the sniper a second in his life the nickname “taiga shaman”. In WWII legendary warrior had destroyed 360 Nazi invaders, 8 more soldiers of the Kwantung army, he wrote on his account during the Russo-Japanese war, in August-September 1945.

the absolute merit of Semyon Danilovich is training snipers, which he did on the front. More than 150 students used it unique combat experience. Among them was another famous native of Transbaikalia – Togon Zaniewicz Sanjeev that destroyed 186 soldiers and officers of Hitlerite Germany.

Despite eight gunshot wounds and two contusions, S. D. Nomokonov came back from the war completely healthy. He worked at the farm, and in his spare time went hunting. A little did not live to see his 73 years.

Secrets of the sniper

the Legendary sniper willing to share tactics and techniques with students, colleagues, much has been said and frontline correspondents. We give here the most interesting secrets Semyon Danilovich.

Apparel and gear

Going to the next sortie, S. D. Nomokonov carefully practised: checked and cleaned the gun, put in order all elements of their equipment, which in many ways resembled hunting gear. Far from sniper wisdom of man, and indeed, it might seem that this is not a red army soldier, and a shaman of the taiga.

Speciale Brody, woven horsehair, made steps Semyon Danilovich almost silent. Shards of the mirrors he lied to the fascist gunmen who took away a bright object for an optical sight. Ropes sniper pulled the helmets worn on the stick, simulating the movement of soldiers. Enemy snipers mistook them for the goal that cost them their lives.

the Disguise

About the importance of disguise knows any fighter ever under enemy fire that we talk about the Soviet snipers, which the Nazis sought to destroy in the first place. S. D. Nomokonov so mastered the art of camouflage that it not only enemies could not find their frequently lost sight of.

the Journalist Eugene Vorobiev wrote that Semyon Danilovich could from a distance look just like moss-overgrown boulder, a sheaf of wheat or dumpy tree stump. He masked his position, based on the natural conditions and environment. Well adapted sniper and urban environment. For example, in the spring of 1945 in Prussia he pretended to be… pipe the burned house.

Selecting objectives

to His disciples in the frontal sniper school S. D. Nomokonov often said that during an enemy attack the marksman must aim at the Nazis that are coming back. Then less soldiers and officers will be able to hide from bullets, because the front rows did not immediately realize that there are snipers, and when they start to back away and escape – will become live targets.

Shoot the enemies that are the first to go on the attack, it is necessary only in one case: if it is necessary to sow panic among them. And here the main thing – to destroy immediately the officers to enemy action lost coherence.

it is Necessary to protect eyes

a Beautiful sight – one of the main conditions for a sniper. Of course, to shoot straight and can short-sighted people, if you wear glasses and podkorrektirovatj adjust the optical sight. But during the great Patriotic war conditions it was impossible.

Soviet snipers were supposed to protect the eyes. Even just around thVigna to lie for days in the mud or in the snow very hard, and if this still and continued to stare off into the distance? Starts to tear your eyes looking into the telescopic sight, the sniper has to wink frequently, occasionally twitching eyelid.

S. D. Nomokonov knew that in this situation, more tired eyes that spend hours sometimes to squint. So its better generally to tie a scarf on a pirate manners.

No doubt of the correctness

to Kill a man, in itself, very difficult. Snipers also have to overcome this psychological barrier. Semyon Danilovich stopped to see German soldiers and officers of the people after realized that the invaders did in the war. He deliberately took the rifle with optical sight, and never doubted in their own right, did not think that this particular Hans or Fritz at home waiting for a caring mother Gretchen, the beautiful bride Mar or curly daughter Ursula.

A war correspondent quoted the phrase S. D. Nomokonov: “the Price of fascist – one bullet”. Sniper even talked about they destroyed the soldiers and officers of the enemy as a wounded hunting predatory animals.

Saving ammunition

Even if this was not necessary, the natural thrift not allowed Semyon Danilovich wasting ammo. For example, any shooter knows that the new weapon must be calibrated to get used to its features. For this S. D. Nomokonov went to the front.

got my first sniper rifle No 2753 in early 1942, in the Valdai heights, soldier of the red army immediately “adjusted” weapons for the Nazis.

Marksmanship hunters-hannigan

Perhaps one of the main reasons why S. D. Nomokonov has become such a legendary sniper, is its origin. Semyon Danilovich was born in a family of hunters, who belonged to the numerically small ethnic group of hannigan. Moreover, when the legendary sniper called the Tungus, there is no error. The fact that most moderncenah include khamnigan to the Evenki, a Tungus is an obsolete name of the people.

the Small sub-ethnic groups, representative of which was S. D. Nomokonov, was of mixed descent. Evenks, Buryats, Mongols, barguty, the Daur of these Nations are considered to be the closest to hannigans.

Most professionals call them Evenks, has undergone considerable assimilation from the Buryats. Although well-known scientist-ethnographer Dashinima Damdinov, itself derived from the kind of Novaya hannigan in scientific papers defending the Buryat version of the origin of his people.

hunting for a Long time was their only occupation and means of survival in the harsh conditions of the taiga. Boys hannigan seven years learned to shoot. First it was Luke, and the nineteenth – century hunting rifle. Skins of fur-bearing animals were exchanged with the merchants for everything: food, clothing, household items. Sometimes groups of men-hunters went into the forest for a month or two. They fought with wild beasts, know how to navigate in the forest.

the marksmen are always respected in their environment. For example, in their science article, “Zakamenskiy (armacie) hannigan” D. G. Damdinov mentions the famous hunter Shaggy Sasorova with which the ethnographer met in the course of scientific research, 1965-1967 years. Scientist interested in the pedigree of a respected man. D. G. Damdinov wrote about him: “…unsurpassed shooting accuracy and famous in your area as Mergen Shaggy”.

by the Way, the nickname of “Mergen” is translated: “sharpshooter, sniper.”

and so was created the victory over the Nazi invaders: each people of the Soviet Union has made a contribution. And taiga hunting experience of the inhabitants of Siberia during the great Patriotic war turned out to be indispensable.

Origanum Tanatarova

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