Ukraine is urging additional and faster arms shipments from the west amid heavy fighting in the east of the country. After Russian rocket attacks on Monday night, President Volodymyr Zelenskyj again asked for modern air defense systems. According to a media report, the Ukraine is hoping that the forthcoming visit by Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Kyiv will result in the immediate delivery of German tanks.

“Unfortunately, without German heavy weapons, we will not be able to break Russia’s massive military superiority and save the lives of soldiers and civilians,” said Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk to the German Press Agency. “The Ukrainians expect that Chancellor Olaf Scholz will announce a new aid package for German armaments during his visit to Kyiv, which should definitely include Leopard 1 main battle tanks and Marder infantry fighting vehicles that can be delivered immediately.”

The situation at a glance:

In the industrial region of Donbass, Ukrainian troops are still trying to hold the strategically important city of Sievjerodonetsk and push back Russian troops from other towns.

The attack on Ukraine will be a key issue at the four-week session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva starting Monday. Russia resigned from the committee in the spring – and thus pre-empted his dismissal.