Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has admitted mistakes in dealing with the energy supply from Russia. “We have relied on energy supplies from Russia for too long and too one-sidedly. (…) The old equation that Russia is a reliable economic partner even in crises no longer applies (…),” said Scholz on Sunday evening in his opening speech at the East German Economic Forum in Bad Saarow.

The goal is therefore clear: Germany must become independent of Russian energy imports – “as quickly as possible, but also as safely as necessary,” emphasized the Chancellor.

The federal government always has eastern Germany in mind. It is about security of supply and affordability of energy. “An oil embargo must not lead to massive regional price differences at the pumps. For me, this is a question of solidarity. We all bear the cost of the war together,” he affirmed.

The main topics of what is now the seventh East German Business Forum are security of energy supply in times of crisis and climate change, transformation and recruiting skilled workers. Representatives from business, politics, science and administration want to discuss the opportunities and challenges of current transformation processes until Tuesday.