In the Us, Sarah, of Thomas (37), who had breast cancer was victorious, managed to four times in a row across the English Channel, to swim between the Cap Gris-Nez on the North French coast of Dover on the Uk south coast. For Sarah, it took 54 hours). This is the first of four times in a row, and the distance between the French and the British coast, overzwemt.

a Long-afstandszwemster, Sarah, Thomas, came out today in Dover, and there was a loud round of applause and welcomed by the people who were waiting for him.

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I’m a little bit sick,” she said in a video that’s on Facebook, it was posted in. The BBC and let them know that they had been in the salt water for her sore throat gave. She was also bitten on my face by a jellyfish.Along the way was Sarah proteรฏnedrankjes caffeine toegegooid to wake up, to be able to survive the war of attrition.

on Saturday, had Sarah on social media to let me know that she was doing this “for men”. She was a year ago and are healed of breast cancer.The long-afstandszwemmer lp mentioned on Twitter that the performance is done โ€œvery, very impressive and ancientโ€.