Sapanski the pied Piper: as a US marine captured 800 Japanese soldiers

History 14/02/20 Sapanski the pied Piper: as a US marine captured 800 Japanese soldiers

From 15 June to 9 July 1944 during the Second World war, the battle for Saipan. Americans and Japanese fought over this relatively small island in the Mariana group of Islands with special ferocity. Saipan was an important Outpost on the far outskirts of Japan and its colonies. Capturing it, the U.S. was able to bomb the cities of the Country of the rising sun.

battle of Saipan

the island housed nearly 30 thousand samurai. They fought desperately, as he understood, immediately after the capture of the island by the Americans here will create a database of heavy B-29 bombers, capable of overcoming 1300 miles up to Japan and create many problems.

In 1944, the Americans had much more resources than in the beginning of the war, and had the superiority over the Japanese in manpower and in technology. 71 thousand soldiers and Marines of the US army literally destroyed the Japanese defenses. Killed 24 thousand samurai. While the Americans lost only a little more than 3,000 people.

In the last days of the battle the Japanese, realizing the hopelessness of the situation began to settle scores with life. Know about 5000 soldiers committed ritual suicide. Part preferred to let the infamous (for Japanese standards), but life. Here on the stage and there was our hero.

“Gopnik” from Los Angeles

the guy Gabaldon was born in 1926 in a dysfunctional Mexican-American family. To call his childhood happy can hardly he from an early age, hunted theft on the streets, and being a teenager, joined a gang, robbed in Los Angeles. From the house the guy went to 12 years of age, but his free life on the street was short-lived. After a few drives to the police he was placed on bail in a poor but honest family of Japanese Nakano.

Along with natural children of foster parents gay gol in school and was brought up in the atmosphere of Japanese culture. A few years before the outbreak of war, he managed to learn the Japanese language and customs. After the attack on pearl Harbor adoptive parents Gabaldon was sent to a concentration camp, and he himself, with a little work at the cannery and being of age was drafted into the U.S. Navy. As part of a company, 2nd regiment, 2nd marine division, he got on Saipan.

When U.S. forces drove the Japanese from the main fortifications, they went to the jungle and launched a guerrilla war. The Mikado issued a decree in which he urged each of the samurai to kill at least seven Americans, or to commit suicide. Easy victory the US military do not have to wait.

on the night of his shift guy Gabaldon at your own risk left the post and went into the jungle. Using the knowledge of the Japanese language, culture and traditions, he persuaded two enemy soldiers to surrender. Despite a reprimand from command for leaving his post, the next night the guy repeated his campaign and has led 50 prisoners of war. Then he was allowed to act at their own risk.

one night, making his way through the jungle, guy Gabaldon heard about the impending suicide attack the Japanese, entered into a dialogue with them and managed to persuade to surrender more than 800 people. When he led the column of prisoners of the samurai in the camp, the companions immediately gave him the nickname “Sapanski the pied Piper” by analogy with a fabulous Piper from Gameline.

during Sajanskoj operations guy Gabaldon brought to the base by more than a thousand Japanese and saved a huge number of American soldiers who had to fight desperate and are ready to die samurai.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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