In the ongoing plot, Simar and Aarav are in full swing. Both are happily married and in love. The show will be witness to a significant twist with Sumit Bhardwaj’s new character. Sumit will play the role of Samar Khanna, a passionate music composer. Aarav hires him to help Simar record her music album. This composer, who has worked with top-level artists, isn’t sure about Simar’s abilities but agrees to take on the job and work with her. Simar’s life will be retold by Samar Khanna (Sumit Bhhardwaj).

Sumit Bhardwaj spoke out about his role as this character. “After the monotony and quarantine, I wanted the brighter side to things for my fans and viewers.” I was missing being on-screen and couldn’t wait for my return to work so I decided to play this cheerful, fun-loving character in this wonderful show. As I become a better version of myself, it will bring new life to me and my skills. Samar Khanna’s characters are very relatable and I will try to do justice. I look forward to connecting again with the audience and engaging them with Samar Khanna’s solid, convincing personality. This will make the event unforgettable.