History 21/01/20 said “saboteur Stalin №1” about the head of a special forces preparing Kosmodemyanskaya

the First woman to be awarded posthumously the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, the legendary “guerrilla Tanja” Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, was a fighter reconnaissance and sabotage military unit No. 9903 of the headquarters of the Western front. One of the most secretive commando units, was formed at the initiative of the Intelligence staff of the Western front, where he acted Quickly and training centre (CTC), a student of Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya who was at the time of his heroic death. Operational training centre of the Western front was created on the orders of Marshal Timoshenko in the summer of 1941. The main initiator, firmly insisted on the formation staff of the center for the training of saboteurs, spies, was the representative of the Main military engineering Directorate of the red army Colonel Ilya G. Starinov, known in history as one of the most famous guerrillas, saboteurs of the great Patriotic war.

in Preparing the first Partizan

As he recalled, I. G. Starinov, Operational and training center, the chief of which the Colonel was appointed people’s Commissar of defense, at the time of his arrival on 12 July 1941 was in complete disorder. The CLC was located near Roslavl, on the basis of the Point of formation of guerrilla units stationed on the territory of former camp. Because technically the item was subordinated to the Central Committee of the Communist party of Belarus, as the head item and Vice-Starinov was appointed head of the military Department of the Council of people’s Commissars of the Byelorussian SSR Ivan kuteynikov. In his memoirs “notes of a commando” Colonel Starinov describes their first meeting: “Ivan Petrovich candidly admitted that he has no clear idea about guerrilla warfare in General or the tactics of guerrilla warfare, nor about the technique and tactics of diversionary work.

— judge for Yourself — how do Iall this know? — spread it with your hands. Never I to the guerrillas not methyl. What about if the uniforms or products, all the parts of the supply — Yes, I can.”

According to Colonel Starinov, the camp was not only acute shortage of qualified personnel, but also of arms and ammunition to supply the partisans. “Do not have enough rifles, machine guns, not even hand grenades will not gain… And you say — explosives and stuff! There’s not a soul there that even if little meaning in this very subversive work…” quoted by I. G. Starinov report Kuteynikova. Brought a Colonel in the samples of mines, incendiary shells and hand grenades was to Kuteynikova and of the partisans of this revelation.

Ilya Grigoryevich had to start from scratch. For clothes and accessories for the manufacture of explosives old boy immediately went to Moscow. Learning upon returning to the camp about the performance into the enemy rear guerrilla group size of a hundred people are already using it in about 60 hours, the Colonel was personally involved in the operational training of the guerrillas and the preparation of the first instructors at the diversionary technique. “I visited with them in the field, on the road and on the Railways. Showed how to place mines in different conditions, acquaint students with other methods of destruction of enemy communications. Using chemicals that are stuck in the pharmacy, had to do some amount of home-made grenades, scratch and ignition of the explosive mixture…” – said Ilya Grigoryevich.

the New school on several fronts

at the end of July 1941 Colonel Starinov from Roslavl were sent to operational training guerrillas in Kiev, where he found the same picture: the process was led by party workers, nothing mysliwskie in fact subversive. After Kiev, he went to Chernigov, and then organized a guerrilla school in eagle. In different periods of the great Patriotic war Ilya Grigoryevich was led by Higher operational school special purpose of the Central staff of the partisan movement on the one hundredncii Bykovo, where they used to train specialists and commanders of the highest class, developed guidelines and plans guerrilla operations in Rostov-on-don and Novorossiysk, creating diversionary services in Ukraine, organized a guerrilla struggle on the border with Poland.

During the war, trained Ilya Grigorievich by Starikovym instructors on several fronts has trained more than five thousand partisans and saboteurs. In one only the CLC Western front, thanks to his efforts, training was provided to 1,600 people.

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