Straw blonde hair, perfect six-pack, tanned skin. In the first official press photo for the new Barbie film adaptation, actor Ryan Gosling poses as Ken – and looks confusingly similar to his original. His colleague and Hollywood star Margot Robbie sits laughing in another photo in a pink convertible, her blonde hair perfectly backcombed and styled with a blue hairband.

The comedy by director Greta Gerwig (known for “Little Women”) is scheduled to hit the cinemas next year. Photos from the filming have been circulating on social media for weeks – and fueling the Barbie cult long before the film starts.

A picture of Gosling and Robbie on inline skates and in neon-colored aerobics outfits is shared particularly frequently. The costume is reminiscent of the so-called “Hot Skating Barbie” that came out in 1994. “I’m particularly grateful to the costume department of the Barbie film adaptation, because that’s perfect,” writes a user on Twitter for this photo.

Almost thirty years later, fans of “Hot Skating’ Barbie” can watch their favorite doll come to life on screen as she faces everyday and human problems.

After being banned from the Barbie universe for not being perfect enough, the protagonist has to make ends meet in the real world. At Ken’s side, Barbie experiences some adventures and only here learns that true perfection can also come from within.

Joining Robbie and Gosling will be actor Will Ferrell (of Anchorman and The Producers fame) as the CEO of a toy company.

According to various media reports, the project has been planned for eight years. The film will be distributed by the production company Warner Bros. Pictures.

However, fans will have to be patient until the film starts: The comedy is scheduled to start in US cinemas on July 21, 2023. An exact date for the German premiere is not yet known.