In Moscow has passed traditional track and field athletics tournament “Russian winter”. It was attended by many of the leading athletes in the team. In the sector for the high jump competed three times world champion Maria Laecken and Olympic champion Anna Chicherova.

the Victory was celebrated Laecken, the absolute leader of several recent international seasons with a time of 2 m 5 cm Chicherova showed the result of 1 m 96 cm and was the second, and the third Queen Christina (1 m 91 cm). In men in the same discipline won Mikhail Akimenko (2m 26cm), Nikita Anashenkov with the same result the second, third went to Daniil Tsyplakov (2 m 23 cm).

triple jump women victory with a score of 14 m 8 cm was won by Valentina Kosolapova. In the sector shot put Champions were Alexander Forest (20 m 19 cm) and Alena Gordeeva (17 m 47 cm). In the women’s 400 m women have won Antonina krivoshapka.

In the sector long jump men Artyom Primak, showed the result of 7 m 70 cm, just 1 cm ahead of Sergey Polyansky. Among women the victory went to Veronica Semashko in the result of 6 m 44 cm In the pole vault for men was won by Timur Morgunov, showing 5 m 86 cm