Russian vs Americans: who better to fight in fact

Weapons 22/02/20 Russians vs Americans: who’s better at war actually

Today, amid a new round of geopolitical confrontation between Russia and the United States becomes relevant again comparing whose soldier is better – American or Russian. In the absence of direct clashes of the two armies is hard to do, but possible.

History is a witness

Historian Andrei Fursov, analyzed military operations in the XX century the armies of the United States and Russia, came to the conclusion that Americans rely too much on his technique, whereas for our troops always played a key role the human factor.

As history has shown, the victory of Russian soldiers, was far more significant than the success of the American military. For example, the backbone of Nazism broke the Soviet Union, and then another, and helped the United States to compel the surrender of militarist Japan.

Even a convincing victory of the us military, for example, over the helpless dwarf Panama or Grenada historians referred to as a national disgrace.

the Only success that Americans can be proud of is operation “desert Storm”, during which the army of Saddam Hussein was liberated Kuwait. However, a significant loss of American troops and equipment in fact reduce this “national pride” on there.

to Compare the actions of the armed forces of the two countries difficult. Though, because of the army of the United States and Russia have set ourselves different tasks. However, many experts, including foreign ones, say that the victory of Russian troops over terrorism in Chechnya, has no parallel in the history of the armed forces of the United States.

Many military analysts the palm to give the Russian army. First and foremost, they emphasize the range of possibilities: from counterterrorism to nuclear strikes. Military power, multiplied by the heroism and tenacity of the Russian soldier, doing military forcess Russia the most efficient on the planet.

“Bloody riot”

as a comparison of the US military and Russia, you can pay attention to some aspects of the preparation of the special forces of the two countries, although this will not reflect the entire picture.

For example, take a detachment of “alpha”. The elite Russian special forces that has proven to be one of the most efficient power structures in the world. The main purpose of “alpha” – the anti-terrorism operations. The special unit is entrusted with the task of preventing terrorist attacks, as well as the search, neutralization and liquidation of terrorists.

the American “Delta” several other goal – the release of the hostages and participated in special operations in “hot spots” of the planet, including the destruction of unwanted White house political leaders. If “Delta” in the first place specializiruetsya for secret military operations outside the country, the “alpha” involved primarily in Russia.

Requirements for training special forces in Russia and the United States, about the same, however, draw attention to yourself different standards. So, if the us special agent in the race of 3.2 km is required to meet at 16 minutes, the fighter “Alphas” at a distance of 3 kilometers have to run at least 10 minutes 30 seconds. Even without going into the calculations, shows how the requirements for the Russian fighter is higher than the American.

There’s another element of the test, which Russian special forces are given more attention than in the us – hand to hand combat. It is noteworthy that the skills in melee combat to a member of the unit “Alfa” needs to be demonstrated in three minutes after passing physical standards – push-UPS, pulling, running.

the Different tasks and the emphasis of combat lead to different result of special operations. It was American commandos accused of the most bloody episodes, as it was during the peacekeeping mission of the United States in Somalia in the early 90’s. the American “Rangers” then the error or soznatflax has shot hundreds of civilians.

“the worst enemy”

to Directly compare the ability of American and Russian soldier is very difficult, because they would not meet in direct confrontation. However, in some cases in the hot spots of American and Russian soldiers still crossed. On this case told the Sergeant of the National guard of the United States.

it was in Kosovo. The American division stumbled on the soldiers of the Russian peacekeeping battalion, and in the confusion of the melee ensued, in which the instructor was wounded. On the basis from his colleagues he learned that it jumped to Russian soldiers and whacked flat with a shovel of the sapper.

“Me, an experienced soldier of an elite unit of the US marine corps, cut down in 10 seconds Russian skinny bastard garden and entrenching tool?”, – was indignant recently dispatched a commando. “Russia is the only and the worst enemy”, – concluded American Sergeant.

Another curious episode told by a retired captain of the US marine corps Michael Fogetti. In Somalia, his unit, came under fire from more than 3,000 local militia were pressed to the coast. Radio operator urgently requested help. The first who responded to the call, was a Russian mayor Nikolai Eremenko, commander of the 104th tank battalion, attached to the UN mission.

Accusing Americans that they wandered into the territory entrusted to him, the Russian major has promised to help with a stern warning that if a single shot will be fired in the direction of the Russian tank column, they do not seem enough.

“And then came, says Bogetti. – Beat at least a dozen barrels caliber not less than 100 mm. part of the insurgents rushed to flee from the explosions in our direction, and we met them, not saving the last shops and tape.” In a few minutes Russian soldiers cleared the entire surrounding area.

Verified and smoothly

it is Known that the Russian army in numbers much inferior to the armed CLam United States, and its budget is about 10 times less than that of the Pentagon. However, according to military experts, it is better balanced and fully exploits the geographical features of their country. It’s all in the purpose of the army. The Russian armed forces are designed to deter or repel any aggression, facing Russia – the defense strategies to their advantage.

As he wrote to the Chairman of the Board of the Military-industrial Commission Dmitry Rogozin, “Russian military doctrine sets the depth of strategic offensive operation in 1200-1500 km and involves the complete destruction of the enemy forces”. In this component, the U.S. does not have superiority to Russia, but most likely inferior to it.

Living in the U.S. blogger Andrew Raevski, who served as an analyst in the Swiss armed forces and research networks of the UN as a model defense strategy of Russia drew attention to the Russian Military space forces in Syria. At the request of Vladimir Putin, Russia, Syria has two aims: to give the USA and its allies to overthrow the legitimate authority and create the conditions for a political settlement of the Syrian crisis. Rajewski sure that both the Russian army was achieved.

this continues the blogger, the Russian command did not have to resort to methods of total destruction of the enemy, which involve carpet bombing. Unlike Americans, who often sinned the wrong assessment of the situation and often left a “bloody trail”, the Russian VKS acted extremely targeted and well-coordinated.

Taras Repin

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