Russian vs Americans: the most famous melee

Another 12/02/20 Russians against the Americans: the most famous melee

Historically, each nation has its antagonist – the people with whom relations were difficult. For example, the French is British, the Chinese, Koreans, well and Russian – Americans. Tensions between the United States and first the Soviet Union and then modern Russia simply could not affect public views, especially when in mass culture: film, television and media opposition, strongly heated.

Article about how will be the war between Russia and the United States, whose weapons are more dangerous and whose army is more powerful – are not uncommon, they can be found in various publications at least every day. But sometimes there are “highlights”. For example, at the end of December 2019, the media spread the news about the fight between the Russian and us military in the Syrian town of tel tamer. That they are not shared, and how fierce was the struggle, was not specified. And the defense Ministry soon denied the reports.

However, the story itself is remarkable. Though in the United States and Russia successfully used the image of an aggressor in the melee – random or arranged specially – Russians and Americans converge less often. But if their paths overlap, that is, as history shows, there is always something spectacular.

In the ring

the Russian-us confrontation, certainly is a gorgeous sign for all sorts of fights: Boxing, mixed martial arts and especially MMA. And popularity she gives as purely sporting events, and shows, which quite rightly can be considered the battle for the titles of various associations.

the Clearest in this respect, the event may be the match of the Soviet and American boxers, 1969 – the first of a series of annual competitions, the agreement on which was reached With the leadershipThe USSR and USA in the framework of the so-called discharge. Fighting in the Olympic weight categories took place in Las Vegas, and the mere presence of the Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin told about what political significance was attached to them in a global rivalry between two great powers.

But the fights were important from the sporting point of view: despite the impressive performance of the Soviet fighters at the last Olympics, shared leadership in the history of the tournament is still held by the Americans – until October 1969, at 12 Games, which was presented to Boxing, seven times the US team won in the team standings.

the Battle in Nevada and eventually ended in favor of the team from the USSR – Soviet boxers have won in six categories out of 11. Although, in truth, to resist the Americans, fighting style which was more like a rough exchange of blows, it was hard. But in a year our athletes were able to achieve greater advantage, the home match in the arena “Luzhniki”, ended with beating the Yankees with the score 9:2.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union fighting the Russians and the Americans in the ring became more – all because athletes have the opportunity to play abroad. At this time in history entered the confrontation between the Greco-Roman wrestlers Alexander Karelin and Matt Ghaffari, which the Russians last won the final of the Olympic games in Atlanta, in enemy territory. Still you can follow the rivalry between wrestlers of Abdulrashid Sadulayeva and Kyle Snyder. We must not forget the victory of the boxer Kostya Tszyu over Zab Judah. or the return of Alexander Emelianenko, a former world champion in the mixed single combats under version ProFC, who in the first after a pause of battle a little more than a minute put the 154-pound American fighter Bob “the Beast” SAPP.

However, the Russians were unsuccessful fights. In October 2018 UFC fighter Alexander Volkov absolutely inexplicably lost to Derrick Lewis. All three rounds of Drago as he was called by the Russians, looked better OPPAnanta, and everything was going to his victory via unanimous decision. But 17 seconds before the end of the battle the wolves missed an unexpected punch and fell to the canvas, and then Lewis began to kill him, eventually knocking out and denying the chances of a title fight.

Met in the ring, by the way, not only athletes, but also military. In the framework of the Commando Knock-Out Challenge was to see how Russian special forces “sort things out” with a soldier of the American “Delta” – naturally, according to the rules of martial arts, with the referee and judges.

In other sports

Outside the ring, Russian and American athletes opportunities to fight much less. With a lot of room for that in hockey, the more forceful character of this sport always involves exorbitant passions. However, oddly enough, the Russians, speaking in the National hockey League (NHL) prefer to sort out relations with each other.

Just in April 2019 forward “Washington” Alexander Ovechkin fight to his compatriot from “Carolina” Andrey Svechnikov, for a few strokes sending him to a knockout. But, fortunately, it was the most serious fight of Russians in the NHL for 20 years, the rest of the skirmishes ended, without having to turn into something serious. Even the gauntlets flew off the hands.

Pretty went from the Russian League to Canadians. Fighting Andrei Nazarov and Kyle McLaren, as well as Pavel Datsyuk and Corey Perry still occasionally remember the ocean: the first for beauty and second a surprise, because it is against the enforcer got almost the correct hockey championship.

But in the mass the fight of the Russian championship of the Continental hockey League between Podolsky “Vityaz” and Omsk “avant-gardes” has not done without participation of the Americans. And coached the club from Moscow region in time, by the way, the same Andrei Nazarov, who twisted the hair on Kyle McLaren.

In the movie

Enough of fighting the Russians and the Americans in the movies. According to the list of the best cinematic scuffles, compiled for about a month.have a few of them are “evil Russian”. For example, in the movie “John Wick” with his fists and not only takes revenge on the Russian mob and Viggo Tarasov personally for the death of his beloved dog and stealing his car.

Well, a true classic is the fight rocky Balboa with red Ivan Drago. Since the film was made in Hollywood, their confrontation ends in beautiful victory of the American with Italian roots in the 15th round of a 15-roundnose fight. By the way, the creators of the film in one of the sequels to “rocky Balboa” had planned to show another fight with Drago, already outside the ring. This scene was even filmed, but the screen was not shown.

In life

Sometimes, unfortunately, clashes go beyond the limits of cinema and sports. There are many stories, when a certain hostility between Russians and Americans, deliberately formed, not of a sudden turns into a scuffle. For example, in 2000, the newspaper “Kommersant” told about how in a drunken brawl, was wounded marine from the protection of the US Consulate General in Vladivostok. In fact, the whole conflict arose on the household soil, but during the interrogation, one of the attackers declared that they “wanted to take revenge on the Americans for Kosovo”.

In Kosovo, by the way, there were skirmishes between American and Russian military stationed in peacekeeping operations in the region. On the Internet walk memoirs of a soldier from the United States, which tells about trying to teach Russian for willfulness. Somehow he and his colleagues tried to get to the location of their opponents, but there a surprise awaited them – from their tents with cries of “Hurrah!” ran the men in vests and beat up the attackers. The narrator himself escaped with mild concussion – one of the Russian whacked his entrenching shovel. But the “other” raiders have had worse.

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