Russian skaters won two medals of world championship

the American salt-Leie-city started the world championship in speed skating. The first day the team of Russia won two awards. The three women became second in the team sprint, and Natalia Voronina took 3rd place at a distance of 3000 meters.

Olga Fatkulina, angelina Golikova and Darya Kachanova overcame the distance in 1 min 24,509 sec. The first are the representatives of the Netherlands, setting a world record of 1 min. 24,029 sec. Third place went to Polish athletes.

At a distance of 3 km was the first Czech Martina Sáblíková, showed the result 3 minutes 54,252 sec. Second place the Dutch have Karlein Aharaka, 25-year-old Voronin lagged behind the winner by 1.28 seconds. Another Russian Evgeny Lalenkov took fourth place.

In the team sprint in men the top three winners were the Netherlands (time – 1 min. 18,187 sec.) China and Norway. Rossiyayskie team to the finish line is not reached due to the fall of Paul Kulizhnikov. At a distance of 5000 meters men won the canadian Ted-Jan Blumenau, which 4,375 min 6 sec.