Russian players have qualified for the world Cup

the Men’s team of Russia on mini-football successfully solved the problem of reaching the finals of the world Cup 2020. Which will be held in Lithuania. This happened after the victory of Russian players over the team of Croatia.

Russia beat Croatia in the final game of the qualification round with a score of 4:3 and took the final first place in group “C”. Goals in the Russian team was scored by Andrea poli and Eder Lima scored twice, and one own goal scored by Croat Josip Suton. In the “shashechnye” the goals were scored Douillet Bajrusevic and Vedran Matosevic is also the author of the double.

For the Russian team this reaching the finals of the world championship was the fourth in a row. The tournament will take place from 12 September to fourth October. In the world Cup will involve 24 teams.