Russian or American Marines: what the soldiers stronger

Weapons 31/01/20 mil.grossista or us Marines: what the soldiers stronger

Between Russian and American airborne the difference is significant. It is observed in everything from the concept of the use of weapons and physical standards and characteristics of landing.


the airborne troops of the Russian Federation – a separate branch of the armed forces who are in reserve of the Commander-in-chief of the country, but reports directly to the Commander of the airborne forces. The creation of the Russian airborne forces was due to the requirements to have an effective tool of offensive war. The main task assigned to the Russian paratroopers are actions in the enemy rear, the implementation of deep raids, the seizure of enemy staging areas and objects. Russian airborne troops can also be carried out on a hostile territory acts of sabotage, disrupting vital communications and command posts of the enemy.

airborne USA unlike Russian are not separate native troops, and are included in the contingent of land forces. American paratroopers charged anywhere in the world to defend the national interests of the United States. The main advantage of American airborne forces – versatility, which allows the United States to use troops, adapting to the peculiarities of the military-strategic environment: from anti-terrorist operations to prolonged fighting.

the American paratroopers can be dropped to the implementation not only of military operations. Often they are directed on liquidation of consequences of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes: they help in evacuation and search for missing as it was after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010.


in Russia, and the US Marines are the elite troops, hence the stringent requirements for selection of candidates and a high bar of standards for physical training. The minimum requirements for the us Marines the push-UPS in push-up position for 2 minutes, 42 times the drill press is 52 times, the transition from a prone position into a sitting position – 53 times in cross 2 miles in 15 minutes 54 seconds. Pull-UPS are not included in regulatory tests, but it is recommended that a fighter can perform this exercise reverse grip at least 7 times.

From the Russian paratroopers need to be able to catch up on the beam at least 13 times to run the hundred meters in 14.1 seconds, running for 3 kilometers in 12 minutes and 20 seconds ski race at 5 kilometers in 1 hour and 15 minutes to overcome the obstacle in 2 minutes 25 seconds. In addition, it seems to special complex of unarmed combat and swimming in uniform with weapons.


an Important difference of Russian paratroopers from the American in that the latter are loaded into a military transport plane without a parachute. They are already on Board, spot check and wear. This can result in a serious disadvantage if the plane will be wrecked before the American military will put life-saving parachute.

in addition, the difference of the airborne forces of the US and Russia and even in flight speed, which made landing. Americans jump at medium speed of an aircraft 230 km/h, leaving our Board at much higher speed – at least 320 km/h. This difference is amply explained by the phrase of the legendary commander of the Soviet airborne troops Vasily Margelov: “the Jump is not an end in itself but a means of entry into battle.”

There is one caveat. The most famous 101st airborne division of the US prefer to parachute with the parachute, and after landing on a special transport type helicopters Black Hawk. This makes the division not likely airborne, and air assault.


Personal service with the us Marines have always been at a good level. Now this М4А carbine, M16A2 rifle and the M249 machine gun. The ammunition usually includes six stores for automatic weapons and four grenades. Also ammerikanskie Marines equipped with anti-tank systems “javelin”, a complex of MANPADS “stinger” and 60-mm mortar M224.

the Main weapon of Russian troops with AK-74M and a machine gun “Pecheneg”. Recently adopted separate battalions of the airborne troops started to enter a silent weapon. Such samples include “Vintorez” special sniper rifle and the automatic machine “the Shaft” shooting 9mm subsonic ammunition.

Vulnerable point of the American airborne is considered heavy weapons. For the most part combat vehicle, equipped with 105-mm guns and a towed 155 mm howitzer M777. From light tank “Sheridan” armed 152-mm guns military leadership of the United States had to be abandoned because of their weak armor.

the Russian airborne troops, unlike the us is fully motorized. The basis of domestic military equipment make up the BMD and BTR, in recent years began to appear T-72Б3М. The newest model of heavy weapons of the Russian troops is the BMD-4M. The machine is equipped with 100-mm gun, 30-mm grenade launcher and two machine guns of 7.62 mm and 5.45 mm, and anti-tank missile system “Konkurs”.

Despite the fact that the mechanized corps of the Russian airborne troops has great firepower and tactical mobility due to the presence of heavy equipment difficult to use at a great distance from the location of the. However, to truly appreciate the benefits of Russian or American military equipment of the airborne forces at the moment is not possible.

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