ARCHIV - 21.06.2022, Berlin: Die durch ihren Kriegsprotest im russischen Fernsehen bekannt gewordene Journalistin Marina Owsjannikowa bei einem Interview mit der dpa. Nach einer zweiten Protestaktion gegen Russlands Angriffskrieg in der Ukraine ist die Fernsehjournalistin Marina Owsjannikowa mehreren Berichten zufolge festgenommen worden. (zu dpa: «Berichte: Journalistin Owsjannikowa wegen Kriegsprotest festgenommen») Foto: Annette Riedl/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

After a second protest action against Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, TV journalist Marina Ovsiannikova has been temporarily arrested, according to several reports. Photos were posted on her Telegram channel on Sunday that allegedly show police officers taking her into a minibus.

The civil rights portal “OVD-Info” in Moscow and the organization Cinema for Peace in Germany also reported on the arrest. The former employee of the Russian First Channel was taken to the Krasnoselsky police station in Moscow. On the night of Monday, “OVD-Info” reported, citing lawyer Dmitri Sachwatov, that Ovsyannikova was free again.

Ovzyannikova posted photos on Friday of her standing with a protest poster within sight of the Kremlin. “Putin is a murderer,” read the poster, and: “His soldiers are fascists.”

352 children have already been killed in Ukraine. “How many more children have to die before you stop?” It was unclear when the pictures were taken and how long Ovsyannikova stood on the Moskva River embankment. Usually, the Russian police put a stop to such protests in a matter of minutes.