Russian hockey players lost to the Czechs in the shootout and took the last place on the stage of the Eurotour

the national Team of Russia on hockey has finished the third stage of Eurotour by a match against the team of the Czech Republic. The main time ended in a draw 3:3, the extra period did not reveal the winner, and the shootout is better performed by the Czechs.

the Russian Team played its best match of the tournament, but failed to win. Three of our players was pulled forward after shots of Arthur Kayumov, Andrei Svetlakov and Paul poryadina. But Jakob Fleck and double-Yang Kostalek compared account. His second goal Kostalek scored two seconds before the end of the third period – a draw :3.

another five minutes passed without goals. All agreed a series of shootouts in which three Czechs beat Igor Bobkov. A successful attempt counts three Yakubov – Kratika, Kawarga and Fleck. Our players are unable to pick up the keys to the gate Dominic Purcha. In the end the victory of the Czech team.

the Russian Team scored only one point and ranked last on the Swedish stage of the Eurotour. The Swedes before the match with the Finns 6 points. 5 points the team of the Czech Republic. Three points from team Finland.