Russian gymnasts - the winners of the Grand Prix in Moscow

the Russian girl won gold in all kinds of programs on the stage of the Grand Prix in rhythmic gymnastics. Our athletes were not equal either in group or individual exercises. Gymnasts are introduced and new programs with which they will compete at the Olympics in Tokyo. One of them will go from our country to the main starts of four years, is still unknown.

Audience roars. It is the triumph of our team, our beauties. All the gold of the competitions — flawless victory!

Plastic, grace, perfection. The audience, not looking up, look at the carpet where something incredible happens. When our “artist” paint impossible patterns, a riot of colors dazzles and fascinates.

in Group contest ends, appears the last command, the room froze in anticipation, but I think it is already clear: we are the best.

And here they are — on a pedestal, Anastasia Maximova, Anastasia Bliznyuk, Maria Tolkacheva, Evgenia Levanova and angelina skatova. Our girls, with brand new, complex program. Three hoops and two pairs of clubs today seemed to be floating above the ground.

“In this programme we focus on speed, breakneck speed, by the speed we have time to do more collaborations and get higher scores,” said Anastasia Maksimova.

“we Have complicated the cost of the program, that is, we added a brand new cooperation, transfer, and a lot that has changed compared to last season”, — says Evgenia Levanova.

“Every day is a battle and we are fighting for a place in the team, because the Olympic games, still have to go,” said Anastasia Bliznyuk.

Now is the main goal — the Olympic games in Tokyo, for which this furious tempo, and complex movement. If before, tossing the tape, for example, could just watch as she lands, right now is the time you need to execute several software items.

a Little upset about the star of our team Dina Averina: a small blot in the exercise with clubs — the subject drop. Then she will return to the carpet with tape, and stand on the highest step of the podium. Tutor of the national team head coach Irina Viner-Usmanova, prinimaet Dean. She knows who is the main rival of our girls.

“it is Very hard to overcome itself, it is hard to get together, go out and do. For me, no rivals, because we must first deal with yourself, then everything will work out,” said Dina Averina.

No equal Daria Trubnikova. She surpassed Dean in the exercise with clubs, a purely artistic and performing a programme under the stands yelling “Stop!” What athletes hear in training — as the spell. Here, in the hall — very young gymnasts, the future stars. Each with a notebook — today, give them an autograph. Tomorrow they are.

“home field advantage, native audience. You need to have supported me, yelled at me, it’s fascinating and I want to do better for the public”, — says Daria Trubnikov.

a New program with new elements and in the complex musical composition. “Polovtsian dances” — ballet fragment of Borodin’s Opera — now the calling card of the team.

“I swung, with God’s help on a very serious music, the “Polovtsian dances”, a music that could kill and can save, and can shelves for a story. It is a group exercise from the composition of Olympic Champions and world Champions, like unicorns, were able to get this program, but with great difficulty”, — said Irina Viner-Usmanova.

Ahead the harsh months of preparation for the Olympics.

– how many hours do you train?
Is secret information!

Opponents, who today lost, too continue to run — Japanese girls, for example, in the previous competition behind only by a little. And there, in the Olympic in Tokyo, it can manifest itself. Because they, too, were Russian school rhythmic gymnastics.

“At the training base in Novogorsk to Irina Alexandrovna arrive gymnasts from different countries. Girls from America, from Israel, from Uzbekistan, from Japan, from Korea — almost the whole world is coming,” says the Olympic champion, seven-time world champion in rhythmic gymnastics Margarita Mamun.

the Triumph of the Russian gymnasts, Russian school. And the main intrigue: who of them brilliant athletes will represent at the Olympics the country. According to the rules in the Olympic bid can only enter two gymnasts. And it will be a difficult choice.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”