Another 19/02/20 “Russian Cunning”: they can drink and never get drunk

About the propensity of the Russian people to the abuse of alcoholic beverages long been legendary. In fact, all the allegations of Russian polls drunkenness is an obvious exaggeration. Moreover, this nation has long been distinguished by moderation in consumption and the ability to drink without getting drunk.

The “Tale of bygone years” the chronicler gives evidence that the spirits of the ancient Slavs Mead was kind of a heady brew fortress is about 3-5 degrees. That is, to get fall-down drunk was simply impossible. Moreover, in ancient Rus adult males were allowed to drink on the occasion of a great holiday no more than two glasses of this alcoholic drink.

Everything changed at the time of Peter the great, who by his decree ordered the boyars and the common people to drink strong alcohol drinks about great events in the country to which it belonged the small and big victories on the battle field, as well as numerous festivities organized on the regular descent of the ship on the water or completion of construction of the shipyard, plant and even a big city.

Ordinary people are quick to instill an appreciation for libations, not knowing the measures, however, from his boyars Tsar Peter demanded sobriety even after a long night of partying. So they had to come up with different ways to stay relatively sober with a large quantity of consumed spirits. Among these methods, practiced by our ancestors, was an artificial vomiting several times during the feast, and seizing every cups fat meat.

it’s safe to say that since then, abundant and frequent libations have become part of lifestyle of many Russian sectors of society and the constant component of the celebrations on different occasions and dates. Often the participants of the feasts was it is very important remain in sound mind and memory, therefore, there is need to minimize intoxication, using different methods. These methods were widely used among people in certain professions who are needed in any case to maintain control over their actions and physical condition.

For such people include, for example, representatives of the security services, intelligence, diplomats and other government officials. Up to the present day are popular methods of the ancient Greeks, which to reduce the degree of alcoholic beverages were added to it olive oil, crushed almonds, thyme, pine nuts, dried fennel seeds, pea flour, mint, cinnamon, honey and milk.

experts in the field of the history of modern intelligence services, in particular the famous Yuri Kobaladze, describe other popular methods that were used by our scouts and diplomats, not to get drunk during big parties and to perform critical missions. First and foremost, experts recommend to alternate alcoholic drinks with a glass of pure non-carbonated water. Another popular advice – to eat before taking, where you plan a cocktail party.

Know-how and Russian diplomats began to borrow and their colleagues from other countries, convinced of the effectiveness of our methods. So, for an hour and a half before the event with alcohol may be taken several tablets of activated charcoal, Mezim or festal. The rapid absorption of alcohol in the blood interfere with vitamin C in the form of soluble tablets, which can be added to a glass of water and drink immediately before drinking. Can be put in a glass of soft drink with a slice of lemon or orange.

a Popular Russian method “to lower degree” is also considered a very effective way of dealing with rapid intoxication. It is desirable to eliminate aerated alcoholic drinks – on the contrary, they contribute to the rapid absorption of alcohol into the blood and, as a consequence, rapid intoxication. If you cannot avoid usetion of alcohol, security officers tend to use every opportunity to actively move and to breathe fresh air while alcoholic party. Even fast dancing can help recover after the next glass of liquor, which actually can be an unnecessary for the body.

to Slow the onset of intoxication will help a raw egg, which you stir and drink before consuming alcoholic beverages. Butter and a slice of bacon – foods that envelop the digestive tract and slow the absorption of alcohol. In some cases, such effect, and dairy products: yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk and sour cream. The problem is, how to take them during the feast, if all members of your party prefer the traditional snacks.

In the intelligence community, there are legends about the famous cocktail of sunflower oil, two tablespoons of tomato juice, a teaspoon of cognac and egg yolk. Before use it you need to season with salt and pepper and stir. Anti-alcohol effect is guaranteed. A similar effect has pickled fish, generously sprinkled with salt, which should be taken with yogurt. Some scouts drink vodka or whiskey with green tea. This combination prevents rapid intoxication and eliminates the hangover.

Another recipe Russian scouts once borrowed from their American counterparts: you need to mix one teaspoon of dry yeast with a small amount of yogurt or other fermented milk product and take this “medicine” for half an hour before dinner drink. Thus it is possible to delay the onset of intoxication for several hours.

plenty of water will help wash away toxins from the body, thus water can be replaced fruit juices with vitamins b and C.

South African medical journal SAMJ published in 2012 the results of a study which showed that the concentration of alcohol in the blood depends on the level of fructose. So if before drinking alcohol eat a pound of fruit or berries, this will helpmay feel much more cheerful for hours and will give an advantage in negotiations or drinking conversation that requires the preservation of freshness of mind and clarity of thoughts.

Maria Pryanishnikov

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