Russian biathletes after the searches became the fourth in the relay world Cup

the Russian Men’s team in biathlon finished the relay race of the world Cup in Italian Antholz on the fourth line. Each of the athletes overcame the 7.5 kilometer. The Russians finished 1 minute 44 seconds after winning the French.

For the Russian national team were Evgeny Garanichev, Matvey Eliseev, Nikita Porshnev and Alexander Loginov. The joint efforts of the Russians escaped penalties, but shooting our athletes were allowed nine misses. It is noteworthy that logins snatched fourth place just before the finish line, gracefully beating their Slovenian opponents on the turn.

the Winning time belonged to France, where athletes overcame the distance in 1 hour 12 minutes 35.9 seconds (0 rounds + 4 rounds). The second were the athletes of Norway (+21,5 seconds / 1 round + 12 spare rounds). Three was closed by the Germans (+36,2 seconds / 1 round + 12 rounds).

Recall that a few hours before the men’s relay in the hotel room Garanichev, Loginov and rushed the police who started a search. The police were interested in personal belongings Loginova, part of which was withdrawn.