In the occupied Ukrainian city of Mariupol, Russian troops are apparently deliberately spreading propaganda from the Kremlin. According to consistent media reports, Russia sent three vans to southern Ukraine to provide citizens with “background information” on the war in Ukraine.

The so-called “mobile information complexes” show Russian news programs and excerpts that advocate the Russian invasion. The Mariupol city administration also distributed a corresponding video on Facebook. According to reports, one of the vans will initially be stationary, while the other two will drive across the ruins of the city on the Azov Sea.

More information is disseminated via televisions in public places, especially at relief distribution points. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently passed a law accelerating naturalization for civilians from regions under Russian control. The Ukrainian Foreign Minister spoke of a violation of Ukrainian sovereignty.

After months of defence, the last fighters in the Azov steelworks surrendered last week. Almost 4,000 Ukrainian soldiers were subsequently captured in the port city, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The Ukrainian authorities want to organize an exchange of prisoners of war.