Rugby France beat England in six Nations

In the Rugby six Nations tournament ended in the first round. On Sunday, starting the round of the prestigious European Rugby competitions ended in a match of France and England. The hosts have beaten England. The final score was 24:17 in favor of “Le Bleu”.

the Groundwork for future victory of the French Rugby players did in the first half, when he scored 17 unanswered points. After the break, “blue” increased the score to 24 to 0, but to save face, the British were still able to save face and not only lose without defeat, but were able to cling to a bonus point for losing with seven points.

Thus, after the first round of the six Nations the leader is Wales, have five points. It is followed by France and Ireland, scored four points. In the second part of the table, England (1) Scotland (1) divide the fourth-the fifth line, and closes the table Italy (0).