Countryside Becoming more and more funeral directors to have any complaints about the people who don’t rouwbrief, or too late, receive. “People are in grief, with some situations that confront them, and that simply can’t be. The parties concerned to respond and rightly emotional and frustrated,” says the funeral director, Bart Amez (53) from the Countryside. Post office or the Uitvaartunie to discuss the issue.

Bart Amez, is a name of a clock in the begrafeniswezen. He has over 36 years of experience. It is the Waregemnaar, for a few years, that rouwbrieven, more often than not or just way too late. He was sent as the member of the families, all kinds of e-mails sent to the ombudsman’s office of Bpost.
No better than

It does not get better soon on it. “We’ll never get an explanation. I do, however, feel that the situation is getting worse and worse. It is time for the Bpost really helps,” says Bart, Amez. The implications are very painful, and when a rouwbrief not, or do not arrive in time. “So, were here on Thursday, October 17, unexpectedly, the doors of our funeral home,” he said. “They were rouwbrief a lot in the bus received on Wednesday, October 9th. That’s what they thought of the trip until the week after, on a Thursday, it would have been, while it’s actually on Thursday the 10th of October. It more painful. That is, people respond, then go be emotional and frustrated.”