Serie A is A nice thing to see with the mind. Scorer in his first Milan derby. Authoritarian-a leader in the Serie A, with 12 out of 12. A deep bow to the fans. Ronaldo, the Brazilian, was coming from a posh seat at the San Siro. “Big Drop” was in the derby della Madonnina and what’s expected of him was to score. The rest is a matter of secondary importance.

It’s a sign that he was in the camera that did it, it was for the mother, Adolphine: maman, je t’aime, mama, mama, I love you, too. The director chose the first picture is different, however, and he will, eventually, have little part in such a ijdeltuit, he is not. The message is in millions of living rooms all over. His statement on the field as well.

once Again, he has his place secured after Louis van Hege, in pre-war times, and seven times as efficient in the Milan derby, and he is the second Belgian to an illustrious list of goalscorers in the historic burenduel. A quarter of an hour before time, stroking his bald pate, a man of brilliant Nicolò Barella – Donnarumma was it just for that alone. The krachtstoot, and the sparks from Lukaku after two matches without a goal (and a contracture in the back had to be expected. From the top of the bank, they are all to Big Games. Join in on the fun and have a bisnummer after the final whistle.