Roll Pristina: as Russian paratroopers thwarted NATO plans

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In late March 1999, NATO countries decide to subject the territory of Yugoslavia bombings. The reason for the intervention – the “ethnic cleansing” that the Serbs against the Kosovar Albanians. Modern scholars, including balkanistic Guzkowska, I believe that the true purpose of the allies – section of Serbia and Montenegro, a change of leadership on the Pro-Western leaders and placing on the territory of Yugoslavia of NATO forces, demonstrating the strength of the Alliance.

Condemned the actions of the “peacekeepers” only three countries Russia, China and Namibia. The Russian leadership is realizing that his opinion does not listen, decided to establish their presence in world politics and to defend their own geopolitical interests. For this purpose it was planned to capture the only on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija of the airport “Slatina” before there will arrive the NATO ground forces.

Prepare transaction

In may 1999, the division of spetsnaz GRU under the command of the present head of Republic of Ingushetia the major Yunus-Bek Yevkurov receives an order from its location in Bosnia and Herzegovina to go to the airport “Slatina” and establish control over it. A party of 18 people secretly came to the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, and coped with the task. The details of the operation are still classified.

on 10 June, the bombing of Yugoslavia is complete, and the allies begin to enter in Kosovo, ground forces, and Russia decides to be proactive. On the same day, troopers in the part of the peacekeeping contingent will receive the order to stand to the side occupied by the troops of the airport. Planned mechanized convoy of 15 Armored vehicles and 35 vehicles “Ural” and “UAZ” for the night to overcome 600 kilometers of roads in the Balkan and in the morning on June 12 to occupy a strategic object.


Column airborne, which was 206 paratroopers unnoticed NATO command, without interference, passed the border. Over machines developed the Russian flags and the path of the Serbs greeted the Russians as liberators. The soldiers were given flowers by giving them food and water. About the actions of Russian NATO members only found out 6 hours after the start of the operation and respond to the changing environment they did not.

By 2 o’clock in the morning on 12 June, the Marines arrived in Kosovo city of Pristina. The Serbs met the Russians as heroes and hoped for their protection, and the soldiers themselves did not understand where they go and why. After clarifying the tasks column continued on his way and early in the morning arrived at the destination. The commandos took the airport perimeter defense and setting up roadblocks. By 7 o’clock the task of capturing “Slatina” was performed.

the Confrontation between Russian and Western characters

by 11 o’clock To the airport, the convoy arrived British jeep, which after a time was joined by tanks. In the sky over the Russian began to fly combat assault helicopters, whose pilots were trying to land in the airfield. This did not allow the drivers of the APC, which as soon as the helicopters began to decline, drove their cars to meet them. NATO commander British General David Jackson came forward his columns, and, with his back turned to the Russian, was to order the tanks to move forward.

Senior Lieutenant Nikolay Yazykov demanded to stop provocations, after which his soldiers brought to the British car hand grenades and got ready to shoot. Subsequently, the British commander has shown prudence and for the order us General Michael Jackson to destroy the Russians and take the airport said he was not going to start world war III. Instead of attacking, he gave the order to surround the airfield.

the Next step was to transfer of from Russia by air two regiments of airborne forces and equipment. Prevented these plans Hungary and Bulgaria, to ban Russian planes to fly over their territory. While at the highest level of negotiations paratroopers were completely blocked on the territory of Aerodrama.

the actions and behavior of Russian soldiers with warmth recalled a battalion of peacekeepers airborne Colonel of a stock Sergey Pavlov. He said that young guys who have never been in serious trouble, proved excellent. In our often nondescript soldier from the Ryazan and Vologda hinterland was the core that distinguished him from the impressive background of British, American, French military.

Results of operations

Under Russia’s control was the only airport in the region, which gave her the opportunity to dictate terms to NATO command. During the negotiations the Russian side in Kosovo was allocated its own zone of influence, and the Kosovo Serbs gained protection in the face of our peacekeepers. Russia was able to raise its status in the international arena, which has fallen markedly after the failure in the Chechen war. A peacekeeping force of Russian paratroopers was brought up to 650 people.

Western politicians and the media exaggerated information that, during a confrontation between soldiers of the airborne forces suffered shortages of drinking water and food. However, this is not true. The soldiers had a five-day supply of food, and at the airport was a warehouse with supplies from which the paratroopers were shared with local residents.

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