Wetteren, Roger Quipor (71), the former owner of the well-known snookerzaal Homes in Wetteren, has passed away unexpectedly after a short and unequal battle against cancer. That tells his partner of Betty on the social media of your business.

“With a lot of regrets in our heart that we report the sudden passing of Roger. In spite of his incredible will power, he lost the battle against this brutal disease. Excuse us, we are not able to allow it. Thank you so much for the many cards and messages. You are all dear to us,” writes Betty From the Middle.
Unexpectedly, a farewell from the man in black,

by Roger Quipor, and Betty, From the Royal to announce it at the beginning of this month that they would stop with the Team due to illness. “We will also stop it completely different was proposed. A good farewell to the customers, it was our idea.And I like to enjoy life. To our regret, the fate decided otherwise and we must be forced to stop due to illness. Everyone, thank you so much for the beautiful moments you gave to us”, posted on Betty and Roger are on social media.