Genk, the Genk circuit of Horensbergdam, it was a Sunday, the 21-year-old Rock Hens, based in Rijkevorsel, belgium Champion with the new MX2. This is remarkable, because the Rock raced in the series in the men’s, due to a strong impact on the women. “For us, Kaya is a poppemieke’ when you see her on the street, but the introduction week and the motor is creeping in,” says her best friend, Tori Van de Perre.

When she had her helmet to him, covered her blonde hair over her frail shoulders. A beautiful young woman in the bestofte motorcycle gear from it. “The course was very dry-in,” says Rock Hens with a pure Kempisch dialect, the language spoken by the motorcrossers. “This is the most difficult, but for me, it was a good thing. I’m pretty petite, but it’s very technical, were built. Thus, I get most of the power units. The women I have had almost no resistance, which is why I’m on the men involved. He is well able to cope with a woman, one of them will win? Some of us have it hard but they have to continue to be sporty, though. Even though I was some booing at the finish line was supposed to be. Too bad for them, but for today, I won the game.”