History 20/02/20 “Riots, looting and murder: what did the soldiers of the First cavalry army

Reading the historical Chronicles, describing the same war, from the standpoint of warring parties, you might think that the story is about completely different events. In the Soviet years, the soldiers of the First cavalry army looked flawless heroes. But was it really? Alas, not always…

Raids in the rear

In his book about the mysteries of Soviet era writer Nikolai Nepomnyashchy gives an interesting historical episode. According to the author of the book that refers to Encyclopedia of the Civil war, may-August 1920 the soldiers of the First Cavalry army fought the poles. From the third decade of September of the same year the brave riders fought in the Crimea with the troops of Baron Wrangel. Not only indicated, what did the personnel of the army at the beginning and the middle of September 1920. In the encyclopedia about it is not a word. This is not surprising, because the events of those days cast a shadow on the legendary fighters army. In particular, the order of the revolutionary military Council (RVS) No. 89 dated 9 October 1920, stated: “Leaving the battlefield, heading to the rear, the regiments of the 6th cavalry division committed a number of massacres, robberies, violence and murders”. Then Nicholas Nepomnyashchii clarifies the details of the “exploits” of the red army: 18 Sep committed 2 bandit RAID on the civilian population; 19 September-3 plaque; 20 September-9 raids; 21 — 6 and 22 September — 2 RAID, and the was committed for more than 30 predatory attacks. And, as has established a consequence of those years, the army – commander, S. M. Budyonny, members of RVS Voroshilov and S. K. Minin – tried to cover up their subordinates.

Parse raids

Might ugly story and managed to hush up, if not for the murder of the Commissioner of the 6th cavalry division Shepeleva. He tried to stop looting civilians: shot on the spot looter and arrested the woman, “who identified himself as sister MilocerDiya”. In vain. Escape to the shots of drunken soldiers shot and killed the Commissioner, and then hacked his body to pieces. The death of the Commissioner was not possible to hide, and about the atrocities of red army soldiers found out in Moscow. Soon, on the orders of Trotsky in the First cavalry army were sent an impressive group of senior officials of Soviet Russia headed by M. I. Kalinin. The group is for some reason included even the people’s Commissar of education A. V. Lunacharsky and people’s Commissar of health N. And. Semashko. The red army ordered to arrive in the village of Olshanskoye 9 Oct 1920 definitely Hiking. However, the troopers did not obey order. Rightly anticipating possible violence, they appeared on horseback. It didn’t help. The division was surrounded by troops and was under the muzzles of the guns of the two armored trains. S. K. Minin a tragic voice read the order to disband the regiments of the division. Was immediately arrested 270 of the rioters, some of whom were shot. Then regiments of the division was reformed and sent again to the front to fight the enemies of the working people. And Kliment Voroshilov in Moscow, gave the telegram which reported that “the army is perfectly fine.”

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