Hoogstraten (belgium), The city, the contractor shall be put on the knuckles, which over the last few weeks and months, and asfalteringswerken carried out in the Venhoefweg. A lot of the work is not performed properly. “This is not acceptable. We have to take certain steps,” said vessels, and Jos Martens (van Hoogstraten Live).

Oppositieraadslid Marc Haseldonckx (CD&V) did for the poor performance of the question. “Grooves in the road surface, riooldeksels, which is largely closed on one side, and that’s not normal is it?”, thus, Haseldonckx.

Ships to Jos, She was Haseldonckx just right. “Our service is for the contractor to be on the road, and waiting for the report. But for this we don’t have to leave it as it is. The work will be carried out must be in place. Well, at Hoogeind in More defects is determined.”