Retro FM played 5,000 litres of gasoline in the campaign

to be among the winners of the “Race for a ton of” residents of Novosibirsk needed faster than the others to find a corporate flag “Retro FM”. The participants had to listen carefully to the radio station at a certain time sounded an address where you can get the desired prize. Important information was accompanied by a special signal. The listener, making it the first in the appointed place, received the certificate on 30 liters of petrol station network of “Time”. The second and the third winner received certificates for 20 and 10 liters, respectively.

Winners don’t stop to share with the editorial staff of the radio station’s own emotions:

“I was going to take a gift to his beloved daughter, and finally heard the signal and made a gift for myself too — laughing Sergey, the owner of certificate on 30 litres of gasoline. — Good luck to all and I recommend listening to “Retro FM”.

Also, luck was on the side of Andrew, who was able to get 30 liters of gasoline, “Today is my day! It was literally a three minute drive from the gas station heard the signal. That had to come first.”