Restrictions will be extended after July 1, who will not return to the office because of the Internet

Isolation has made changes in the lives of each of us. This time gives you the chance to realize bold desires and ideas, the main thing is to go forward.

the History of subscribers “the Siberian networks” and their opinion about the importance of the Internet. Maybe you’ll find something useful.

Anna, a fitness instructor: “How to have a pandemic, sport clubs closed one of the first, and we were sent home. You talked every day, practicing, and the houses are all different. I knew that my customers without regular exercise will quickly begin to lose shape and thought, why not to spend for their trainings online. Exercising at home with improvised weights for children, in front of the camera. It turned out that I have a place to grow, and I can be useful to any person. Good connection connection is definitely important, you can not “hang” on repeat. I was lucky, I focused on exercise and not worry about the quality of the Internet.”

Igor, mechanic: “Our station is not terminated, but the flow of customers still reduced. The salary is also affected, but I, like many, have loans, mortgages. I decided to try to explore the Internet with my wife. I started recording a short video where they talked about oils, filters, consumables worked with what I understand. Well, the wife worked the video. I tried to place them in the network. While I’m at the station, she works from home. Yet few views, but we hope still ahead. “Siberian network” do not fail us, and we want to develop the network further. This is the future”.

Oleg, sales Manager: “We sell construction materials, processed Internet orders. Since the end of March we were transferred to work from home. At first it was hard with the organization, distracted by household chores. Didn’t like this format, like in the office. And then arranged the working area on the loggia. And friends don’t interfere, and they do not distract. Now do not want to get back to the office. With “the Siberian networks” I’m almost five years and don’t plan to change provider. With my queries they cope.”

Indeed, high-quality Internet now — a necessary condition for a comfortable life. You can work from home, learn online, chat with friends, watch TV shows, play online. Especially for this we have a rate of 349 per month that will satisfy all your needs. Speeds of up to 100Mbps, free connection and round the clock support.