Science and Planet Sweden offers an important examination of the pregnancies that last longer than four weeks, were terminated after six babies died from it. Even before the investigation was officially concluded, it was clear to me that it is a risk to the life of the baby is too large, it is after 42 weeks of pregnancy.

all The women were in their pregnancy, up to week 43 of the support. The average duration of a pregnancy is forty weeks. It was a year ago and stopped after five children’s death, were born and one baby, after the baby died. To continue with the study would be unethical, according to Swedish researchers for the British krantThe Character.

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There are currently no international agreements on how to deal with healthy pregnancies that last longer than four weeks. In general, it is assumed that there is a greater risk of side-effects to both the mother and the baby after 41 weeks. However, because the risk is small, it was a research to the long-term of pregnancies is needed to ensure that the statistical value.

Under the guidance of the university hospital Sahlgrenska, Gothenburg, wanted to be the Swedish researchers, of 10,000 women in the fourteen hospitals in question. Women, in the fortieth week of pregnancy were invited to participate in the study and randomly divided into two groups.